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Aug 26 2010 2:52PM
- -
i quit! ...


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Aug 19 2010 12:21AM

Noo problemmoo oooo;
Aug 18 2010 4:45PM

Ikr (;
Rofl I Love Your About Me<3
Aug 18 2010 4:31PM

mwaahahah :D
Aug 18 2010 3:54PM

Are so o; !
Dont mae me RAWR at you like a dino :B .
Aug 18 2010 3:40PM

Good :) your amazing ooooo;
<3 you super duper mucchies.
hah welcome for the third time..
Aug 18 2010 3:27PM

You better !
I really mean that thou (;
Everything I said :D .
Aug 18 2010 3:21PM

Austin Kennedyくろ. ,
You are a great best friend. I could never ask for a better friend then you. We may disagree on things sometimes but all friends do at some point. Your always there for me. Always, listen to what I have to say. I will never judge you, I'm on your side no matter what. You always cheer me up when I'm down or upset . This Morning you made me smile after I told you everything that was going on. You always make me laugh and giggle. Whenever, we talk you always make my day. I trust you with my life. You are amazing, words could never be able to tell how much and how great you are to me. Are friendship will last forever. I trust you with all my crushes . I no you won't tell anyone. We have so many great memories. Like, the time you shot me with the nurf gun.. and I died . Great times with many many more to come I hope. I think about you all the time. You are one of my greatest friends. I really do not care what other people think of you! I will never change me mind about what I think about you. In my mind you will always be the wonderful person I've known since day one. No one will ever break or wreck are friendship. I will stand by your side no matter what till the day I die.
I Love You Austin Kennedyくろ.
Jessica Hope Kelterくろ. .
Austin + Jessica = Besties Till The End Of Timeくろ.
Aug 18 2010 1:22PM

Bestieee i <33 chu....oo;!
-spins on spinny chair-

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