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Mar 20 2011 12:41AM
Im leaving. Ive made up my mind. I will be on tomorrow and thats all.
Have a good night, enjoy yyour lives(:
Mar 18 2011 11:03PM
pree tired.
ohwell, goinn tuh bed.
leave me messages! c:
Mar 17 2011 11:14PM
Brb. Kay?
Mar 17 2011 10:29PM
Haha. (:
Rodrick: Deny, deny, deny.
Dad: Explain what you're doing in this picture.
Rodrick: That's not me.
Dad: It isn't? -camera zooms in to a picture of rodrick partying-
Rodrick: Nope.
Mar 16 2011 9:05PM
Bullying. /:
You know that girl you just called FAT?
She's been starving herself and is now in the hospital.
You know that boy you just called STUPID?
He has a learning disability and studies for 4 hours every night.
You know that girl you just called UGLY?
She spends an hour each and every morning putting on makeup.
You know that boy you just TRIPPED?
He gets abused enough at home.
Help END bullying...Spread the word.
Mar 15 2011 9:15PM
Bieber Fever!? (Baby parody Cx)
Im made of cupcakes, ice-cream & flowers,
Young girls are helpless, to my dark powers.
They're screaming and they dont know why,
they pee their pants and they fall down & cry.
All the girls got Bieber, Bieber, Fever! -girl screams-
(skip a line cus idk the lyric)
They all bow down to me,
'cus I am the leader!
Mar 14 2011 9:34PM
What. The. Friggin'. Hell!?
okay. now everyones messaging me? wtf? >.>
Mar 13 2011 11:31PM
ive been sleep deprived,
so imma hit thee hay.
peace? leave me mssages!
Mar 13 2011 12:02AM
Uhmm, super tired. Goin to bed. ;D
Gnitee .
Mar 10 2011 9:21PM
takinn' a nap, tired.
imma be baq laterr .
over & out c:


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Mar 15 2011 3:06PM

Ashton! No leaving! U gave me a fudgin hampster I dont even know how to take care of it!
Mar 13 2011 10:34PM

Teehee :D
Mar 13 2011 9:21PM

AWW! Ash! I love u to! (friendlyish way x) ) ur so sweet! :D <3
Mar 8 2011 9:49PM

Haha code talking
Mar 8 2011 9:39PM

Translation: "Elliot is yummy" ;]
Mar 7 2011 11:07PM

I LOVE mangos ;]
TraQuan niGGa
Feb 17 2011 4:57PM

WOW lol ur 2 funni :)
TraQuan niGGa
Feb 16 2011 10:53PM

nuh uh u wanna bet lol
TraQuan niGGa
Feb 15 2011 5:14PM

Leavin sum swaqq on ur page bestie :)
Oct 2 2010 8:27PM

lol wats with the blank
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