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My fairytale, Australia
About Me:
The name happens to be ashlyn^^ I live in a vegitaran hapy world. Always up for a nice conversation!!^^ In love with him [[Tyler,3-15-10]]

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Mar 17 2010 2:57PM
>.< HOES!!!! Jk
Bored out of my skull!!!
Gah!! i miss tyler V.V
Mar 15 2010 7:58PM
NSN, My fave bandd
"Baby i loveyou, I never wanna let you go,
The more i think about the more i wanna let you know,
that everything ou do, is super duper cute, nd i cant standit"<3
Mar 14 2010 8:00PM
Getting to know "Ashlyn"
I’m an average kid who laughs, cries, and screams. Just like everyone else. I have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth like you. I’m five feet and two inches of pure insanity. I like to think of myself as a puzzle with several missing pieces. I feel like I was once sculpted into someone I didn’t want to be. I don’t know where my future is headed and it scares me. I’m nothing spectacular; I don’t live my life on the edge. I’m friendly and approachable. I’m nice to people who I think are worth getting to know. When Im hyper which is almost everyday Im one of the most perverted random chic's you will ever meet. xD My best friend Kason and I are so random that I can be like "Im on my period!" and hes like "Me too!" xD I don’t see the world completely negative or completely positive, I see it realistically.


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Apr 4 2010 1:29PM

Happy Easter! ♥
angel deathwalk
Mar 18 2010 7:08PM

that was my comment verginity
Mar 18 2010 3:51PM

-Blub Blubb-(:
Mar 17 2010 4:24PM

i love yuu too
Mar 15 2010 9:10PM

Im not a butthead!
You hoe!!!
i love you too!
Mar 15 2010 7:07PM

haha love you soo much twinn
showin your page Aubrey love:)
Mar 15 2010 6:12PM

Oh&& i love your comment that you left for me on my other account
Mar 15 2010 5:50PM

I will love you forever&&a day sissy!
Mar 15 2010 5:24PM

I love yuh too Blubber girl (:
Mar 15 2010 4:13PM


I feel so unspecial, because on my aubrey accouont no one left me any comments! :(
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