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im like a singing girl

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Jan 16 2010 9:28PM
i miss my bff hes gone :((
Jan 14 2010 8:53PM
:O :O :O :O :O
:) :)
Jan 14 2010 8:51PM
this is nor real
it was a night
me:stop its so not night
aby:it is night?
me:omg aby (jumps)
me: ABY NO (crys) :(
a moment later..... (aby wakes up) angela no!!!!! a monster was on me it aet my leg owww
aby its okay angela im here
a day later we where ome my leg was gone FOR EVER

Dec 6 2009 7:57PM
shes a pig she side shes a pig in my inbox
Dec 2 2009 10:49PM
she will ad you to her block list and my big sister susy was going to do someting about it ok ppls she'sgoinz to bet her up
Dec 2 2009 6:02PM
oops its lexi not liexi
Dec 2 2009 5:59PM
me:wers my pet
aby: ho oops i lost it
me: rrrr you lost it
aby:no it a chiwawa its in my prs
soo shes my friend
Dec 2 2009 5:55PM
she liexi
she putt me on her block list for no reson i was her best friend in her live
se likeed me as her friend all the time okn so do not add her do not putt a hart
on a boys or girls profile or she or he well say ewww like i putt a hart on a boys profile
and he side ewwwww and i putt the hart to mack shr it works but it did not work
so do not add her shes mane to all of you guys if you add her im not lieng is telling the chru and its
not good she did that to me im din criying for a day in my room a lot my sis was not ther to
say what is rong to me be mad of liexi if she added you to her block list
that manes that you didi not tack my ivis to not add her add me im not mane like liexi
she not my best friedn no more she brok my hart rght now so do not add liexi
so tell youer friendsof if you call them they going to crye like me and tell ther friends sooo...........
get going ok add me to get ivis now lets be mad of lexi ok of she putts you on her block list
i well report her i know how to report people add me plz to not cry
Nov 25 2009 10:42AM
do not go to lexi she will putt you in her list of block
Nov 23 2009 9:54PM
im ciute i am ciute yes i am


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