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Jun 14 2011 4:00PM
So Thursdayy Is The Last Dayy Ima Be On Here ..
Mett Alotta Good & Goofie PPl On Here ; That Ima Miss Madd Muchh ..

Raheem : You'll Alwayss Be My Bestfriendd / Bruthrr..
TraQuan : Even Tho We're Not Talkinq At The Momentt .. I Still Lovee Youu..
Anqel : I'll ALWAYS Love Yo Biqq Headd (:...
Tayy : .. Smh , Ima Miss You Madd Muchh..
Michelle : COUSINN .. So Manyy Memoriess <3
Ashlee : My Twinn .. iLyy

Yourr Gonna Get What I Really Wantedd To Sayy In Ya Inboxx ..
Ima Miss All Yal Mad Muchh & Good Luckk Laterr On In Lifee ..
Miqhtt Leavee Tomorroww ..
There's No Point In Gettin On Here Anymoree Anywayss ...
Soo Itss Time For Me To Get Df' Offa Thiss Sh_t & Livee My Lifee ..

Jun 4 2011 12:52PM
Class Of 2O11
I Am Proud to Sayy ..
I Graduatedd Todayy ...
Class Of 2O11 Of WHS.
Gonna Be Offa Here Forr A Lonqqqqq Timee . (:
Met Alotta Good PPl On Here .. Bt Itss Timee To Gooo ..

#Colleqe Timee . Junee 24
Here i Comee
Im Outtieeeeee !! (:
Jun 2 2011 10:21PM
Dam ..
can't explain iht ."

* when you had me you didn't want me .
* when somebody else showed me what i was really worth you stepped up .
* when i showed interest in somebody else you acted hurt .
* when i cried you just looked .
* when i wanted to be held you just stood there .
* now im qone you wanna keep me here .
im stronqer then before && happy too say "Fuqk Youu !"
May 11 2011 8:51PM
My neice walks in my room.
She has one pillow tied to her front and one to her back.
I ask, "what the heck, what you doin?"
Her reply was...
"This pillow on my back, is to protect me, from the friends that will back stab me. And the front one, that's for the boys that will break my heart.
She's O6 ♥
Mar 26 2011 10:01PM
R.I.Paradisee Raheem W.
Mann , Im Thinkngg Real Hardd Aboutt
Gettinq Offa Thiss Sh_t Now .
I'vee Dun Lostt Muh Bestfriendd , My Bruthrr ..
Somebodyy Thatt Was Alwayss There fOr Me Thru Whatever ! .
Youu'vee Takenn Hiss Lifee fOr No Fu_kinqq Reasonn .. He
Nevrr Hadd Problemss Wit Anybodyy ! ... & Now He'ss Gonee ..
Itss Tragic Mann .. Just Cant Believe It !


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Jun 4 2011 6:57PM

Ima Miss Youu Mch too.
Ima Keep Contact most Deff !
I Sedd Erthanq in ma heart in at mssqe so idk Wt else to say .

But Goodluck .
Jun 4 2011 4:24PM

omg ... your leaving me alreadyy ..
im gonna miss the f_ck outta yourr
non-coloredd asz lmao .

#Dont do nothing i wouldnt to (:
Have funn cuzzinn
lil mama99
Jun 4 2011 4:20PM

Im Gonna Miss You Punkk .... (:
TraQuan niGGa
Jun 3 2011 7:45PM

sayin goodbye to u was tha hardest & yea i sed bye never gunna get over u :(
TraQuan niGGa
May 26 2011 8:59PM

at least i dont listen 2 travis porter :P
May 25 2011 7:21PM

i've been aroundd .. lol
May 25 2011 7:03PM

droppin some lovee
#aint talk ta u in a min
Mar 29 2011 9:54PM

Yeaah I see .
Evrythinq a be ok .. I'm here for ya .
N' yeah yeah yeah Stfu Whicho Whitee Asz !

P.S. Youu have No Kinna Color Tone on Yo Skin !
Mar 29 2011 8:11PM

Ash Bash .. Ash Bash .. ASH BASH !!
Werr Df Are youu ?!
Youu Cnt Hit a Niqqa up no more ! Smdh .

*Storms Away
lil mama99
Mar 12 2011 5:35PM

smh , bt hmu in ma inboxx . i gotta tell u somethingg
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