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Nov 12 2013 8:50PM
Never have high expectations for someone else. they barely ever live up to there word.
Nov 11 2013 9:36PM
<3 :)
The guy i met on here is just completely amazing and a total sweetheart <3 talking to him always brightens my day and turns my mood around when i see his name pop up on my phone :) xoxoxo !!
Nov 11 2013 6:33PM
I met such an amazing guy on here <3
Nov 11 2013 2:07PM
When you decide to start telling me truth, we will talk. Until then stop blowing my damn inbox and phone up :)
Nov 11 2013 4:48AM
I never would of thought that sleeping is such a crime. XD i can tell that your blog is about me chris. I'm not stupid. i do have a 3 month old daughter that i take care of by myself because her father is a lazy piece of ****. taking care of a child does make you tired..
Nov 10 2013 7:47PM
You really wanna run your damn mouth to me??? back the **** off bro!! There is a reason i don't talk to you anymore!! Loose my damn number and don't text me anymore!!
Nov 10 2013 7:28PM
Don't like what i have to say?? awww poor baby. haha. man up!! Don't want you anymore! Grow up and leave me the **** alone bro!
Nov 9 2013 11:49AM
Its very clear that you don't have time for me anymore. Haha oh well idc XD
Nov 9 2013 7:31AM
When you are enjoying talking to someone and they tell you they have to go to do something... DON'T GO!!!! :'(
Nov 8 2013 10:13PM
Love is SOOOOO over rated!!!


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Nov 13 2013 9:34AM

Mmm. (;
It's about you <3

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