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Houston,Texas, United States
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I am 5'2, black,my favorite hobbies are Basketball,Football,and Volleyball.I am not GAY, I luv BOYS who are about my height,cocky, and fine as hell!

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Mar 8 2011 7:26PM
Wat it is
Folllow ya girl on Facebook!!!!!
Oct 16 2008 7:14PM
Da Carter
Don't you eva get 2 Comfortable
Oct 8 2008 5:35PM
best albums
t.i, lil wayne,young jeezy,andrick ross got sum good cds
Sep 8 2008 6:43PM
yall seeen lil wayne and t. i . at the awards last night....otta there
Aug 1 2008 7:14PM
Mrs. Officer
when i get up all in ya we can hear the angels callin us and we can see the sun rise before us and when im in that thang illl make that body say illl make it say Weew weew weew weew weew weew weew weew
Jul 1 2008 9:46PM
dem awards was fly as hell!!!
Jun 29 2008 4:07PM
lil wayne nu album go hard fo real.....the best rapper alive
Jun 18 2008 10:42PM
Yes Sir
My Celtics did it yall....they went all the way!
Jun 15 2008 1:33PM
my bday is comin up yall!!!on da 25
Jun 1 2008 7:02PM
cryin out 4 me remix
so i met the shawty the other day i got her number called her up like what u doing she say nuttin i say whats good she not much a said guess what she said whats up i said i think we shud hook u she say uh i said what she said but i said but y u stuck she say f*** i said f*** who she said not u i said then who she said u kno i kno what u kno who isaid i do she u do i say i do but i really dont becuz its u that i really want n we can do what u really want girl we grown n if he aint gon treat u right then i aint gon treat u wrong thats my word and she dun herd so many lies she dont kno what true or not shawty like a valett service i say she been through alot but i put her car in park n never let her cry alone i listen 2 her haaert beat because it plays my favorite song!


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May 28 2008 7:55PM

Hey! This is 4 all da chics!! if TarmN has gone out wit u post ur name on mi comments!! (plez & thank-u)
May 24 2008 5:59PM


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