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I'm 12 i blow out my b-day candles on july 6.I'm from Sparta,TN.I'm a redneck so live w/ it .Have any ?'s ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I am the grl in the blue hoodie

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Aug 16 2010 1:46AM
My Pian
it ain't no point 2 me wakin up
everybodys time im taking up
i got nobody
there ain't a shoulder near
i cant stay hear and it colder there
i dont wanna look back
cause its gonna hurt
i slice my wrist and its gonna squirt
for my everybody holds a hate
i get backstabbed and everybody holds the stake
its no roads 2 take im in a circle drive
bustin at myself while im tryin 2 survive
i'll disappoint u
and i will let u down
and i dont got many friends
commin around
u dont understand
so don't say u do
i swear i'll put a mother fuk¡ng bullet in u
im the only 1
the lonely 1
at home alone
loading a gun
thinkin y not


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