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Mar 3 2013 1:23AM
its been like how long since i've been here...lmao holy
aha sheeit i wonder where all the people i used to talk to went...aha
sheeit nigga...idkk ima**** to doo lol
Jun 30 2012 2:24AM
Im Bored...Lmao
1) whats your name-2) are we close-3) what do u think of me-4) do u have a crush on me-5 )would u kiss me-6) would u go out with me-7) describe me in three words -8.)what was ur first impression of me-9) do u still think the same about me-10)what reminds u of me-11) if u could give me anything wat would it be-12) how well do u know me-13) what do u like best about me-14)ever wanted 2 tell me something u couldn't-15) could u ever love me-16) give me a nickname and explain why u chose it 1r u gonna put dis on yo blog and c what i say about u-19) anything 2 say b4 u go-20) rate me 1-10
May 26 2012 3:30PM
I Miss Wyatt<3 Tht Lil Kid Such A Good Kid But No One Gave Him
The Time Of Day Jes To Stop&&Listen To What He Had To Say
Now No One Will Ever Hear Him Again<3 Wyatt-BigMac-Flett<3
Love You Lil Khuzz Always Will I'll See You Soon Save A Spot For Me Alright??
Nov 10 2008 10:30PM
I Have This Man=]
>>>When i dont call you >>>[ Its because im waiting for you to call me ] >>>When i walk away from you mad >>>[ Follow me ] >>>When i stare at your mouth >>>[ Kiss me ] >>>When i push you or hit you >>>[ Grab me and dont let go ] >>>When i start cussing at you >>>[ Kiss me and tell me you love me ] >>>When im quiet >>>[ Ask me whats wrong ] >>>When i ignore you >>>[ Give me your attention ] >>>When i pull away >>>[ Pull me back ] >>>When you see me at my worst >>>[ Tell me im beautiful ] >>>When you see me start crying >>>[Just hold me and dont say a word ] >>>When you see me walking >>>[ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ] >>>When im scared >>>[ Protect me ] >>>When i lay my head on your shoulder >>>[ Tilt my head up and kiss me ] >>>When i steal your favorite shirt >>>[ Let me keep it and sleep with it for a night] >>>When i tease you >>>[ Tease me back and make me laugh ] >>>When i dont answer for a long time >>>[ reassure me that everything is okay ] >>>When i look at you with doubt >>>[ Back yourself up ] >>>When i say that i like you >>>[ I really do more than you could understand ] >>>When i grab at your hands >>>[ Hold mine and play with my fingers ] >>>When i bump into you >>>[ bump into me back and make me laugh ] >>>When i tell you a secret >>>[ keep it safe and untold ] >>>When i look at you in your eyes >>>[ dont look away until i do ] >>>When i miss you >>>[ im hurting inside ] >>>When you break my heart >>>[ the pain never really goes away ] >>>When i say its over >>>[ i still want you to be mine ].


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Jan 14 2011 3:40PM

wat yu talkin about my loser lolzz ;]
poptart shizzle
Oct 12 2010 5:06PM

lol fashoo
Sep 8 2010 11:21PM

i been in that play yu cant get out lol
i been gud and yu
poptart shizzle
Jun 24 2010 3:00AM

Im online !
Mar 26 2010 11:18PM

lolz soo aids are awsome
Mar 25 2010 9:40PM

Dark Heart
Mar 17 2010 6:30PM

how you doin lol i havent been on seen who nows
Mar 17 2010 6:28PM

how you doin and you got aids lolzz
Mar 13 2010 9:22AM

No lol I ain't been on In a minute lol
Mar 1 2010 3:35PM

Lolxz i do
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