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S.K.R.H+?????? <3, Canada
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just ask me n ill tell u =Dmaybe...if i dont like u then fukk ill bite XDღ ¸¸.•*¨*• Łø۷ℓ ¸¸.•*¨*• ღ ღ ¸¸.•*¨*• Łø۷ℓ ¸¸.•*¨*• ღAPENISINMYMOUTH =P •**••*♥♥♥*••**•.... I WONT BITE THAT HARD.DONT.WORRY!!!aha

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Dec 30 2013 12:36AM
401 minutes and eighty-nine seconds on the phone with him longest ever aha but got lots thinking to do so go bed and try wake up early for the crap that's going on with me and two other people and maybe be her friend again I don't know yet BUT NIGHT!
Oct 3 2013 11:05AM
hunter cant forget about him I had a lot of great people on here o.o plus chris DAMN IT!!! THEY ALL NEED GET BACK ON !!! Lol I been reading messages for an hour or two now shiit still have a lot to go through im outty on this profile for now ill b back later im goin on the one im always on pcerz
Oct 3 2013 1:32AM
Holy shiiiiiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!!!
haven't been on this profile in ages
Apr 9 2012 3:42PM
Im In The Chatroom In The Living Room Thing Aha =P Im Awesome The Only One In That One The Others R In The Hall AHA
Jan 24 2012 3:37AM
ohh wow really
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Seriously...when ever I come on I always have 6 or maybe a lil more then 6 what happend??? Aha
Jan 1 2012 9:06AM
Convo After All That
I Asked Him Y He Kept Sayin Bryan...He Said "I Dont Know Cuz It Starts With BBBBB" Aha I Was Like Umm Okaii Then Dad Nd Started Laughin Nd He Was Like "Dont Laugh " So I Closed My Door Cuz Yea He Had To Go To Bed...Kinda Drunk To Stand Hah...But Im Like Happy For Em
Jan 1 2012 9:05AM
Mhy Daddy Asked My Step Mom To Marry Him On New Years ='D Its Cute
Kaii WELL IM LIKE HAPPY!!!! Well Happy For My Dad XP They Got Home All Happy After I Layed My Lil Sister Back Down Cuz she was Always Sittin Up Or Walkin Around (she Sleepin Tho) Nd They Looked At Me Looked At Each Other...My Dad Was Like Should I Tell Her??? I Was All Like "TELL ME WHAT?!?!?!?" Then They Started Cryin Nd She Was Like Go Head Nd Tell Her So My Dad Said "We Are Gettin Married Baby Me Nd Mom R Gettin Married" We Did Some Kinda Group Hug Cuz He Huged Me Nd I Was Like Thinkin " Awe She Is Marryin Him She Needa Join The Hug" So I Pulled Her In The Hug Nd They Were Cryin I Plugged My Nose Nd They Thought I Was Cryin (Truth Is I almost Did Cuz I Was So Happy For Them) But My Dad Smelled Really Bad Like Beer Aha So Had To Plug My Nose...My Dad Was Like "Yea Thats What We Were Like We Both Were Cryin When I Did Cuz I Was Really Happy" I Smiled Big Aha Never See Me Smile So Much Like Now XP Then I Started Talkin To My Step Mom....Then He Almost Fell Back So Yea Then He Huged Me Again So I Was Like Mostly Tryin Keep Him From Fallin Then They Were Like Goin To Bed...My Dads Like "I LOVE YUU BABY ALL MY WORLD!!!" Then They Started Walkin Down Stairs Then He Was Like " BUT NOT HER WORLD HER WORLDS ALL BOUT BRYAN!!! " I Was Like Wtf...My Step Mom Was Like NOOO BRADLEY!!! Nd I Just Said Umm Okaii Then WOW!!! Nd He Walked Back Up Nd Came To My Room Stared At Me" OHH YEA FORGOT ITS ALLL ABOUT BRADLEY!!!" I Just Said "Okaii Then Dad Just Go Bed Now" Then He Started Tryin Act All Gangster Nd What Not LMFAO Nd Said More But I Brought Him To The Stairs So He Could Go To Bed My Step Mom Waited At The Bottom Of The Stairs For Him...Nd He Just Kept Repeatin About Him Nd My Step Mom Gettin Married...Nd Buggin Me Bout Bradley But I Never Seen My Dad Soooo ****in Happy =) Well Both Of Them Hah Its Pretty Cool He Said More But I Aint Gonna Put It On Here Wow He Talks Lotz When He Been Drinkin LMAO
Oct 23 2011 11:17PM
Haha this her friend jay
this girl is just amazing
i love her alot..
she is 1 of the most important ppl in my life
If any1 ****s with her..or makes her sad or anything
i will hunt u down and kill u
love yu angel xoxo

Oct 1 2011 3:09AM
Life is so much funnier when you have a dirty mind xD
Oct 1 2011 2:52AM
hehe =P
If U are naughty go to your room, if U wanna be naughty go to mine ;)


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Mar 16 2011 10:16AM

ill do it again
Mar 14 2011 11:58AM

Mar 13 2011 8:46PM

or what
Mar 11 2011 6:43PM

what kind of fruit o.o
Mar 11 2011 6:25PM

Mar 11 2011 6:03PM

i bet u do love fruit u snasty
Mar 9 2011 12:38PM

nope wasnt fruit
Feb 20 2011 1:13PM

sure sure
we both know what u were talkig about
it wasnt fruit
Feb 18 2011 6:59PM

mhm suree
Feb 13 2011 8:40PM

mhmm yea "Fruit"
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