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Skinny Niqqa, United States
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Mar 19 2012 5:50PM
She needs get her **** together so I can stop getting on Es weak ****
Sep 22 2011 11:11PM
That's all needed to be Saidd .
Sep 16 2011 9:03PM
Popped up
Wtf !
Ain't been on this **** for a while & ain't gonna be on for
Too long anyways but finally 18 . Lifes a lil better Class of 2012 .
Feels lame to be on here so I'm off .
Rel Outt
Jun 4 2011 6:25PM
So Hardd Goodbyes
I quess There's no point of Really Getin On Anymore .
Evryone is Mostly Done With it N' I'm Nt Able to qet the Girl I wnt .
Plus I'm qoin Graduate Nxt Year And Music N' Colleqe Then .
Ima Miss:

YaYa .. Mann Ats All I Cn say so Mch Happend but Youur Beautiful .. ILuu
Rissa .. Ima Miss youu N' Mom Dukes Prettiest Personality Evr Beautiful Person .. ILuu
AshBash .. So Mch We Ben Thru Wish We Cudda Last You Beautiful .. ILuu
Yassy .. OMG js Cnt Evn say it but Your qoofy N' Usedd ta keep me Smilin .. ILuu
Doqqnutts .. SWEAR YOUU N' Me js a Duo N' Tell Ma Dauqhter i'ma miss her .. ILuu
Sia .. Goofy N' Cool Left Me Lauqhin .. ILuu
Aniyah' .. Man O Man iLuu

Im A Leave y'all Mssqes of Wt I really Wnted to say .
Well I quess it's Finally Goodbye to MFG

If y'all wanna keep Contact hmu on aim
May 18 2011 11:07PM
I'm At 'Skinny Niqqa'
Skinny Niqqa, Toothpick
Skinny Niqqa, Biq **** .. Maqnums !
Skinny Niqqa, Dope Shape
Skinny Niqqa, Biq Lips
Skinny Niqqa, Love Puszy
Skinny Niqqa, Kno Hw ta Eat
Skinny Niqqa, Grown Man
Skinny Niqqa, Sweet Niqqa
Skinny Niqqa, Freaky Mfcka
Skinny Niqqa, Women Love
Skinny Niqqa, Faithful
Skinny Niqqa, Talented
Skinny Niqqa, Handsome
Skinny Niqqa, Tall
Skinny Niqqa, Funny
Skinny Niqqa, SWAGGIN !
Apr 20 2011 10:04PM
:) rellz
About Me:
I'm Smart, I Cn cook . i Cn dance/rap/sinq i Lovee basketball, Very Carinq ,Nice Person, 100% Real, Funny, Different, Lovee helpinq out people, Respectful, Hate qetinn dirty, Lovee God , Lovee Ma Family, I dont speak to people who did me Wronq , lovee my family/brothers, love makinqq new friends ,dnt hide my feelinqs , a leader .. I Love Myself ‹3
Feb 13 2011 10:48AM
To: The Women I Hurt EVERYWER
If ANY of Youu Women Feel/Felt Disrespecktedd by Me Evr I Apoliqize Deeplyy If I Hurt Yo Feelinqs or Anythinq Please Tell Me So I Cn Apoliqize Personally I Did Shidd Dt I Reqret Now N' Will Nvr Forqet
Til Evryone Feels Ok Widd Me . I'm Nt Trynna Do Dis Forr Me Or Anythinq I jsz Feel Like Mkinn Evrythinq Rite Widd Evry Sinqle One Of Yall . I'm Postinn Dis EVERYWER So I Cn Let yall I'm Srry N' Let Youu Kno I Care . I Pray For Forqivness N' To Drop Evrythinq N' Mke It ALL Rite Bcus Women Go Thruu Enuff Des Days N' I Put Some Of Ya'll Thru Shidd Dt I Careless At Da Momment Cus I Ws Stck On Suhn Dt Hurt Me Also I'm Nt Mkinn Any Exscuses bt I'm jsz Trynna Mke Erthanq Smooth Widd Women Of The World Bcus Youur Beautiful Queens N' Mtter Da Most Of Da Worldd . I Dnt Wnna Be Dt Guy Dt Hurts Youu Anymore . I Wnna Be Dt Guy Who Really Cares Ab Youu N' Yo Feelinqs . I'm Nt Perfcck Bt I'maTry ta Be Close .
Jan 29 2011 4:05PM
My Promises
Never Will I Hit A Female,Never Will I Hurt A Female,Never Would I Take Control Over A Female,Never Would I Play With A Female Feelings,Never Would I Disrespect A Female,Never Would I Act Like Someone I'm Not To A Female,Never Would I Beg For A Female,Never Would I Make A Female Feel Like Nothing,I Don't Give A Fck How Sweet I Am To Females I Will Never Be Disrespectful Like Some Females Want Their Guy . - Anqel

Siqned Jan.29.2011
Jan 28 2011 7:22PM
Nympho .. Hell ya Talm Bout ?!
I'm Best Wenn It Come ta S.E.X. Ckall Me S.T.I.C.K.Y Face
I'ma Nympho Wen ya Wnna Finn Out yy ? Ma Sexx qame Stoopidd bt
Ma Tonque Game Dumbb I'ma Licck Da Puszy Til' Dt Shidd qo Numb .
Jan 24 2011 8:38PM
Active . Sexx Educationn
I Eat Puszy N' I'll Admit it !
At Least I'm Expierencedd .

it's 2011 Eat Puszy or Sck Dicck if ya Dnt Upqrade ta it !

P.S. Deyy Sedd "Da Skinny Niqqas qot da biqqest Dicck"
Ma Condomm Size XXXXXXXXXL ! Hell ya Talm Bout ? Lol . Reallshidd


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Jun 9 2011 9:32PM

Jun 5 2011 10:44AM

Super-Duper Luckii!:T
Jun 4 2011 6:51PM

Damm .. Can't Believee Im Leavinq Youu ..
Ima Miss You Come Junee 24. & Yo Asz Bettr Stayy In Contacttt
iLuu & Imaa Miss Youu Lotss

Lovee Hella Muchh
-Yourr AshhBashh
May 30 2011 2:48PM

Hey Mr. Sexii.!
Much Luv< Mwahh>
May 24 2011 8:10PM

Thaa Biqqest Perv iiK.! l0l i<33Yuhh! :p
May 18 2011 10:47PM

Fucck Yuhh Skinnyy MuthaaFckka!
May 4 2011 11:02PM

Hahaz! iMissYhuu2! MWAHHH!
Apr 25 2011 8:07PM

i♥Yhuupandaa WitChaa Stinnky Asxx:p
Apr 20 2011 12:25AM

i Knooow Babby <33 :-*
Apr 19 2011 8:37PM

iLoveeYhuu Pandaa!
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