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Hey Peoplezzzz, its me...mawaahh! lol someone needs to visit my inbox with wonderful words of wisdom or whatever(:..hmm yeah... do that... DERRCK<33333 i love you(:

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Feb 19 2012 8:34PM
Has joined the Tumblr world(: ask me for my url(:
Feb 19 2012 7:07PM
I just wanna kiss your lips,
the ones between your hips(:
Feb 13 2012 8:33PM
jus eff it i dont even care anymore... this is all bullsh*t...
Jan 25 2012 5:22PM
Some one message me!!!! please!!
Nov 17 2011 8:01PM
Stuff about me(:
1. Name: Heather Leann
2. Birthday: June 3
3. Birthplace: Hospital
4. Current Location: At your moms house:P
5. Eye Color: blue sometimes, but green somettimes
6. Height: 5'3"
7. Right or Left Handed: Right
8. The Shoes You Wore Today:converse high tops
9. Your most Overused Phrase: lol or haha
10. Thoughts First Waking Up: Who the hell are you? jkjk
11. Your Best Physical Feature: eyes
12. Your Bedtime: Dont have one bc im cool
13. Your Most Missed Memory: vacation
14. Your Fears: spiders. and snakes.
15. Your Weakness: mint chocolate chip ice cream:D
16. Perfect Pizza: EVERYTHING
17. Thoughts Before Going To bed: anything im thinking about at that time
18. Your Cravings: oreos
19. Single/Taken?: taken
20. Pepsi or Coke: Coke
21. MacDonald or Burger King:uhhh... burger king
22. Single or Group Dates: Single
23. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:lipton
24. Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
25. Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino
26. Do you Smoke: no
27. Do you Swear: all the fukkin time
28. Do you Sing: Yes
29. Do you Shower Daily: Yes
30. Have you Been in Love: Yes
31. Going to College?:nope
32. Going to get Married: not yet
33. Believe in yourself: OF COURSE
34. Get Motion Sickness: No
35. Think you are Attractive: not really, but ive been told differently
36. Are you a Health Freak: Sometimes
37. Get along with your Parents: Sometimes
38. Like Thunderstorms: kinda
39. Play an Instrument: guitar
40. Drank Alcohol: yeah
41. Smoked: yea
42. Been on Drugs: Only medicines,POT lol
43. Gone on a Date: yeah
44. Gone to a Mall: OF COURSE!!!
45. Eaten a box of Oreos: Yes
46. Eaten Sushi: yumm yes
47. Been on Stage: yea
48. Been Dumped: yea
49. Went Skinny Dipping : Nope
50. Stolen Anything: yes(:
51. Ever been Drunk: heck yeah!
Nov 10 2011 9:08PM
Message me before i go insane! lol
Oct 28 2011 12:45PM
my inbox is hungry,.feed it messages.... keep in full(:
Oct 27 2011 1:21PM
worst day ever, jus wish it would all f*ckin stop. i can hardly take this anymore... i want this all to stop and leave. nothing can go right i cant go right. im not right...i want to jus die...
May 22 2011 2:52PM
If my heart were still beating, it would beat for you... (:
Jan 8 2011 10:54PM
Hello people of MFG. lol
I'm really bored so......please message me :)
~Heathah, bit.hes :)


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Jun 24 2011 11:30AM

hey gorgeous :) just showing ur page some more love.
text me
ϟthe eNigMaϟ
Feb 9 2011 10:45PM

talk to me !
ϟthe eNigMaϟ
Jan 27 2011 8:04PM

big man alex
Sep 12 2010 3:31PM

thanks for the add
ϟthe eNigMaϟ
Jun 23 2010 5:10AM

i love you to <3
big man alex
Apr 27 2010 3:01PM

thats it
ϟthe eNigMaϟ
Apr 15 2010 11:44AM

i like ur poems
ϟthe eNigMaϟ
Apr 13 2010 10:44PM

lmao! thanks for the heatherfiing my page lol
Feb 12 2010 11:35AM

Jan 29 2010 3:05PM

i love you......
showing ur page love and taking its virginity......... :)

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