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i slit throats, United States
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Amanda; 15; single; i don't go on here anymore because, it's boring and stupid. alright bye!(:

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May 6 2010 9:58AM
this site became boring....once again -.-
im leaving. i doubt anyone will miss me, i dont even talk on here anymore.
Love, Panda
Mar 4 2010 10:23AM
I Love this<3
hold your tongue, you know nothing about this, dont even get involved.
I hope you watch as im falling down because you're the reason i'm hitting the ground
you could be the one that breaks me, you will be the one that breaks me now.
I hope you know that every tear you cry, there's a memory left of when you watched me die.
You know ill haunt your dreams, with all these pieces that you left of me.

Mar 2 2010 10:21AM
im never really on here anymore. someone entertain me so i dont leave?
Feb 21 2010 1:44AM
Holy ****ing cock
the three days grace, flyleaf, and breaking benjamin concert was
Feb 5 2010 10:52PM
Scream for my ice cream
tell me all your dirty dreams ;D
Jan 27 2010 11:23PM
the lips of our fate will become the ones of your loss and my relief.
Jul 23 2009 7:34PM
josh is my teddy bear! :D
and im his panda bear!
yeah thats right, be jealous ^_^
Apr 20 2009 8:24PM
this is my new account from <3Amanda<3
add me :)


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Mar 29 2010 3:53AM

wow.. each day i get diffrent moods and act im asking myself... WHY THE **** DID I WRITE THAT FOR?
Mar 27 2010 10:46PM

there thats better =D now u got it...oh gawd! happy face! NOOOOO!! *grabs gun and pulls trigger* X.X
Mar 24 2010 4:27PM

cus there not emoish.. there all...smiley and happy and **** D=.. its creepy!
Mar 18 2010 10:15PM

guh, i dont like happy faces DX
Mar 17 2010 2:17PM

umm.. i dont remember..i mighta been high ... woops? :x
Mar 15 2010 9:46PM

uh.. i have no clue wtf i was talking no wonder u were confused..
Mar 15 2010 12:21AM

ehh idk, tbh i dont really want to. dont take that the wrong way, i still like u and all but idk i just feel better if we leave things the way they are, uk?
Mar 13 2010 10:05PM

yea ikr
Mar 12 2010 5:11PM

ive said this like million times it seems like but, ik when i left this site i was really immature, and im sorry for that but glade to actually talk to u well..typ i should say o.O
Mar 11 2010 9:33PM

im actually doin really really good, my lifes gettin better, not depressed as much, idk what could make my life better ^_^
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