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California, United States
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I live in Hollywood, California!!! Yeaa baby. I get to see celebrities all the time. xD I love the colors blue, purple, and black. My favorite animals are wolves, white tigers, and foxes. I like to talk and flirt. I love the snow. Talk, flirt, have fun?

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Jan 31 2011 7:01PM
Doin' Fine So Far.
Thnx everybody who messaged me and talked to me. I feel welcomed to this site. Love talking to all the guys here xDD
Add me still!!! Have 6 friends in 2 days. Need to work better.
Jan 30 2011 1:28PM
Haay people. I am new to this website. Please anyone, introduce your selfs to me. This is an addicting site. I love it!! I like MOST of the games I have played so far, like "Ask the Spirit 2". Thats a creepy game. But please add me and chat with me ok? Thanks


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Jan 31 2011 3:17PM

hi Amanda
im so glad i messaged u because your such a cool person, perhaps the coolest i have ever known lol :p
ur also so funny, sweet, kind, beautiful.
I like u...a lot lol
and i will always remember the day i messaged u lol 30/1/11 lol
If i havn't said before i really like u
XXX miss u lots lol
btw first comment, called it
ttyl x

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