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Nov 16 2010 10:46PM

I have a tv remote :3
Nov 16 2010 5:04PM

Blakee! :]
Your Amazing :]
Your say to much ; that i don't know what to say :]
[just telling the truth] hehe :3
i love youu already [friend wise]
woohoo ^^ new friend :]
ohyeah my awesome socks:] you have more amazingly awesome
socks :] haha.
i love your nicensss :]] you should give me somee :]
the way he says mike wazowski
he says mike watowski<3 cute<3(:
well i must be done here :]
-Alyssa :]
p.s i love your new name! :] && i love my new name :]
Nov 16 2010 9:28AM

Dear Alyssababe;;
Kayy. Where do I start with you? ;o ONE: You're gorgeous.TWO: You're hilarious.THREE: You are SUCH a good person, Alyssa. I'm so glad that I have a friend like you to go to and talk about my problems. I can tell you ANYTHING and I know you'll give me the best advice that you can. And I wanna let you know that you can come to me with anything, and I'd do the same for you. You're so funny, Alyssa. Completely original. One of the best people on the planet. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Don't let anyone tell you different. <33 I love you Alyssa!
P.S- Lanny loves you. >;D

Nov 14 2010 10:20PM

Dear Alyssa,
Just wanted tostopby and say hiii!
Youu r amazingly awesome!
I hope we can be bestfriends!(:
You made me laugh alot today (in a good way)
But i just wanted to say youu r,
And i love it!
Besties? I do believe so!(:
Welp ima goo now!
Kayy Buh-Bye for now!<3
Love,Chaz The CookieMonster!(:
Nov 14 2010 7:39PM

Alyssa, I love you(:
Nov 12 2010 12:40AM

What does Pansexual mean? O.e
Nov 10 2010 5:26PM

i'll keep both^-^
the monkey gave me a banana
Nov 10 2010 3:22PM

Hii :3 -acts shy-
i have a uhmm >_> a kitty for you:)
idk wht to do with it=l i would either give it to you
or just give you the monkey O_o
which one do you want?
Nov 7 2010 12:20PM

Gah! You totally pwned my comment. I'm so hurt. D:
Nahh, I kid, I kid.
(: ASSYLA!!!!!!!!!! <-- Ms. Miss??
We're totally sexy!
Err.. what shall I do if you hurt Alyssa??
I will.. like.. do something epicly sexy.
Oh! I'll bring Horny Horse to beat chu up!
And then.. I'll jump on you and...
Then.. I will...
Um... Put you in a blender!
And then I'll eat chu!
--Rylan. ! ! !
Nov 6 2010 9:16PM

Hey dear.
All you peoples below me can go suck a dork. (:
Because Assyla is tooootally awesome sausages with ketchup on top.
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