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I'm taken people! by Macayla [♥♥5/23/2010♥♥]Macayla <3[XxSωєєт.DяєαмѕxX] and im happier than ever. she is my wife, just brandon, n joke, is my twin bro, lexxiie (just brandons gf) is my sis in law, we 1 big happy family in a pudding cup :p be jealous

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Jun 18 2010 1:18PM
dont think im a b**** but...
Ti9m Burton is the sh!t man!!!!!!!!!!!!! he iw my hero
Jun 12 2010 12:25AM
May 23 2010 5:37AM
theres only one
You see,
theres this girl, macayla, and I'm DEEPLY in love with her.
she is the most amazing girl i have ever met and i want to spend the rest of my life with her,
shes sweet, funny, beutiful, not cute, but beutiful! i made this blog to tell the world how much i love her.
i am glad to be hers and i would give her the worl or even the moon...
macayla, i just want you to know,
i love you baby
sincerely, Alex Skye


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Jun 19 2010 10:20PM

yall r crazy
yall need to learn how to write on MY profile
just brandon
Jun 17 2010 4:22PM

I loce you more!!!!!! haha
2nd comment is better lil moss macayla or if u prefer
"Mrs. Skye" :P
May 23 2010 4:12AM

yay first comment anyways
just showin some love
like i always do
i luv u always

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