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Alfie Allen. :] I have a baby son. Hes my world.

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Jun 1 2010 12:09AM
i needs msgs.
May 16 2010 9:50PM
My son Eric.
May 16 2010 9:22PM
This is a story all about how my life got twisted, turned upside down. Now I'd like to take a minute just sit right there and I'll tell you how i became the prince of a town called bel-air. Aha, I'm Alfie Allen, I'm 17 years old. I have a one year old son. My girl bailed so raising hims a full time job for me. I love him, to death. . I have a tattoo on my side. I'm fit. I'm no fake. check my playlist. wanna know more? ask.


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May 26 2010 10:55PM

heyyzz =] luv ya bestie lol byez
May 17 2010 4:09PM

Alfie ur so sweeeet!!!! ur the only guy tht knows how to warm up my jk ; )
May 17 2010 2:38AM

Dear Alfie,
As u knoe today when u made ur mgf
acount, i waz ur first friend to have.
As we began to talk i began to like u
ur so sweeet, awesome, careing and
more. I wanted to tell u tht i like u
but i waz to scared to tell u:( idk y
Knoe tht i really like u, and i found
out u like iloveu123,tht hurted a lil
cuz i waz bout to tell u tht i like u a
lots.Knoevim at this point tht it does
not feel right to be ur friend, and idk
y i feel like tht,cuz i really wanna be
friends with u!!! I HOPE U HAVE A
i love ya[ as a friend]:*
May 17 2010 12:43AM

Showing da love again..think we're gonna b come more than friends..lolz jk but maybe..oneday
May 17 2010 12:41AM

came by to give u sumof Ruslana love..<3
as a friend
May 17 2010 12:19AM

Hę¥ nęww bùdd¥..jùśt çømįñg b¥ 2 śhøw ¥ęwh śømę łøvę..ñ thãnkś 4 dã ãdd..śįñçę rùśłãñã dįdñ't śã¥ įt į gúęśś į wįłł...Į ŚTØŁĘ ¥HÚR ÇØMMĘÑT VĮRGĮNIT¥..Well bÿÿ
May 16 2010 9:55PM

ur baby boy so cute
May 16 2010 9:40PM

!First Comment!
thx for da add
u sound like a nice friend to have
i wish u good luck with ur baby son

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