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i just had sex with The, Satellite Provider
About Me:
I'm Julia, but you can call me Alex. No ones gonna come and save you, we pulled too many false alarms.
d-d-doin' your -_-

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Sep 20 2011 8:18PM
i. q.u.i.t.
Aug 11 2011 4:07AM
just your everyday, common misconception.
oh hey. I'm Julia. but, you can call me Alex.
don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.
first off, i really could not give less of a sh`t what you think of me.
keep it to yourself, woman.
i'm not going to sit here, and tell you that " I LuV mii H8rS. "
because for one, that's gay. and two, i don't love them.
i forgive people 20x more than i should.
but, that does not by any means at all give you, or anyone else a chance to take advantage of me.
i make mistakes. that's why i'm filed under the category human.
some people would say that i'm trashy. i just like to refer to it as my swag.?
yeah. i said that. i said that.
i love music. a little bit of everything, actually.
i play guitar, piano, bass, and violin. (p.s-the violin is not as gay of an instrument as you think. stfu.)
i don't tolerate bs. so take it elsewhere, weasel.
you can call me a jerk. believe me, i know. (; #winkin.
i make a lot of sh`tty jokes. get over it.
i hate people that suck at using proper grammar. & or bad spelling.
"oh ya i was at the stowre && i saws a lady with ice cream in her cart.." stfu.
i come off as a jackass. but i'm pretty nice, actually.
kind of.
i speak my mind. because i can. and because i feel that honesty, is in fact, the best policy.
relationship status? not any of your goddamn business.
i'm not here to show off my nudes. (bahah.) not here to have sex on the internet with you. just here because i have no life. <3 (:
#' remind me of waffles. no big deal.
let's get to know eachother.
or not.
doesn't mean jack squat to me. (:


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Oct 4 2011 7:11PM

I miss you, Alex. :c <3
Aug 17 2011 5:13PM

i luhh youuu more sugaa daddeh ~
Aug 17 2011 4:38PM

i'm sorry haleey!<3
i stilll luuuh you.

& i miss you, too, fagggot.
drop a T-Bomb, faaag!
Aug 13 2011 4:59AM


and kate :c..thats our thing guuurl
Aug 12 2011 12:56PM

can i smang it? (>._.)>
Aug 11 2011 10:50PM

-________- thats so unfair.
ima go eat them anyways
slore -___-
Aug 11 2011 4:15AM

just wanted to let you know that i love you ^___^
Aug 11 2011 3:15AM

Jul 19 2011 8:45PM

i tend to do that whenever i'm bored.
& it always makes my day.
lmfao. asian eyes.
that was so racist.
baby, iloveyou!
i should get my phone back soon!
i miiiss you!):
Jul 19 2011 5:35PM

i love you too ♥
lets do it !
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