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AlecksandraHaydenSinclair♥. ; Teach Me How To Scream. Not New.

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Mar 5 2011 6:01PM
I'm hardly on . haha
Feb 16 2011 8:04PM
Fuuck bro , i wanna get high.
Feb 16 2011 5:54PM
My "real" name is
Alecksandra Hayden Sinclair .
i use Hayden cause i don't like my name
Anyways ..
but , ima use it now:]
Turned sixteen on the 11th of February.
i'm single and i like both genders.
Gays && Lesabians make my day <3.
Tanner Adams is my bestfriend and nothing will change that.
Music is my life! i can't live 2 seconds without it!
My friends!?, my friends mean the world to me .
They can always make me smile when l'm down.
Naomi, Ray, Oliver, Danny && Starr! They're amazing!
I have secrets , we all do.
i love my brothers and sisters.
I smoke , not that much && i don't drink .
l'm not a good girl, i get in trouble alot. I don't regret making any mistakes cause well i just don't .
Danny was here <- my brother.
Screamo && Rap, etc i love listening to .
idgaf what you have to say about me , just say it
it wont bug me at all .
unless if you do something really big to hurt me then it will make me sad or something.
I can be your friend or your enemy! choose your road dude.
I love drinking monsters and rockstars.
Sometimes I'll say I hate my life, naah I don't really mean it well kinda.
i'm not a computer freak . like all of yous. jk
I mostly go outside with friends.
dude , I don't have a cell phone cause my dad won't get me one .
&& I don't have a webcam either .
but , I'm not fake js. psh who would fake me? lmfao. yeah
+ I have proof k whatever moving on.
I've tried not to eat for a full day and I did it ! I'm not a pig xD
my question of the year is ; how do aliens have sex?
•idk• I don't go to chruch every sunday , just once in a while.
Andy Sixx & Oliver Skyes<3 i love em'
I can't think of more. just ask:]
I'm out.


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