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Planet Mars!! xDD, Antarctica
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I hold the key to forgiveness, i am what i never wanted to be, i am what i always hated, i am................Me.

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Jan 29 2010 8:43PM
Goodbye. Had fun, but now it is farewell!


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Feb 12 2009 11:57PM

Haha Sexxi RaWr!!
Jan 28 2009 11:19PM

Jan 17 2009 1:18AM

I miss u! Plz come on! I dont want u gone for 4 days!!! Plz!!!
Jan 16 2009 12:49AM

I'D DIE TO HAVE THIS GUY! THIS IS THE PERFECT GUY Im the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning, and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. I'm the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. I'm the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no make-up on, wearing your most torn up jeans and a plain tee-shirt. I'm the guy who won't pressure you to do things that you don't want to do. I'm the guy who kisses you on the forehead; it doesn't always have to be on the mouth. I'm the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. I'm the guy who actually listens to you when you talk. I'm the guy who's excited all day because I'm looking forward to our date that night. I'm the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. I'm the guy who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling. I'm the guy who won't lie to you about where he's going or where he's been, or who he's been with. I'm the guy who gets butterflies when he hears your name. I'm the guy who's not afraid to tell his friends he loves you. I'm the guy who doesnt mess with other girls when I have you; you're the only one that I need. I'm the guy who doesn't care about your imperfections, and loves you more for them; who wants a perfect girl? that's just boring. I'm the guy who will hold you while we watch the sun set. I'M THE GUY WHO REALLY WANTS TO MAKE YOU THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. I AM THIS GUY.... one of many.... who always ends up losing her to the jerks who will treat her like crap and are so concerned about gettin' some. Girls: If you'd die to have this guy, repost as "i'd die to have this guy" Guys: If you'd do these things for a girl, repost as "I'd be this guy :]
Dec 29 2008 4:23PM

Lolz sorry,,=]
Dec 26 2008 1:38PM

Omg,,youre,,offline? -Sniff-,,Great now im sad,,and cryin kinda,,i mizz you,,=[
Dec 26 2008 12:23PM

Ughh,,just calm down,,pleaze,,just calm down,,-Kizzez your neck- Pleaze,,
Dec 26 2008 12:11PM

About the Spencer thing. Yahh he wuz impersonating you and he kept on goin after me tryin to kizz me and shyt. -_- I wuz like,,crying yesterday cuz of that. It wuz so fxckin worthlezz to do that! Damm,,now i kno how Emma and Sabrina feelz when Spencer impersonated Ruben,,ughh,,
Dec 26 2008 12:03PM

Yup lookz like you kno it now,,
Dec 25 2008 8:30AM

Merry christmas Abraxas
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