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Jul 4 2016 11:27PM
It's been awhile...
Wow, I haven't been on this site in years!
We all know this was the original catfish website lol
Oh how times have changed!
Feb 29 2012 8:40PM
Man, Here I Go Again..
I screwed up... BIG TIME.
I gave Zane my "Zane Journal" today.
I've written something in it about him everyday since Valentine's Day..
It's got some pretty personal stuff.. and A LOT of details.
It says how much I like him..
I really think I screwed everything up.

Lucky Me.
Feb 21 2012 7:34PM
Alright Guys.<3
New Game:
Question Gamee.[:
You're allowed to send me a question to my inbox, and I will answer it in a blog.
I'm open to anything, no limits to the questions.
-Though I hope you'll be considerate and make it some what appropriate.
So.. are you game?
Feb 21 2012 6:14PM
Beautiful Words.[:
If You can make the sun burn through the night,
And You can make the dead man come alive.
If You can make the oceans all run dry,
Then I know You can change my life.<3
"Change My Life"
-Ashes Remain
Feb 21 2012 6:07PM
Great Music.<333
My two fave artists right now are Ashes Remain and Red.
They basically Christian Rock bands,
Last night I downloaded 18 songs between the two of them.
Awesome right?
You should look them up.[;
Feb 20 2012 12:57AM
I Lovee It.[:
Nothing like a little Lion King to make your troubles go away..
Well, at least for a bit.
I still honestly think it's the best movie of all time<3
Feb 15 2012 7:51AM
I don't see why people get so hyped up about Valentine's Day...
When the the day after is half-priced chocolate day!!.<333
Feb 14 2012 7:50AM
Happy Valentine's Day you guys!
I lovee youu.<3
I hope you have a wonderful day.[:

To all the couples: Y'all stay strong. You hear me?.[:
To all the single people: You don't need another person to complete your life, don't settle. You WILL meet that special person in time, I promise you that.[:

Again, Lovee Youu All.<333
Feb 13 2012 9:35PM
Wanna Own Meh??
Message me to see what you own.<3

Chest- Haley.[:
Eyes- Nathan.[:
Smile- Leo.[:
Whole Body-
Everything- Zane.<3

Feb 13 2012 8:44PM
Sorry You Guys..
I'm deleting all my friends.
If you still want to be my friend,
and be apart of my life, then message me.<3


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♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 30 2012 7:19AM

uhhhhhhh ??!?!!? your whole comment hurt maah headddd , whaat the fucck did you jusst saay ? it's like your speakingg a whole diffferent languagee . uhhh . . . alll i understood was . . . Bruh , &&& cheesee . lmaoo . what kindd of cheese ? my favorite kind of cheesee is AMERICANN . . . well actually noo mahh favorite kind of cheese is WHiTe AMERiCAN ! Yeahh biitch i saiid it . WHITE AMERICANN . ohjkkkay . anywayss you wannaa know somethinng thats niice hardd && juicy thaat you put in your mouthh ? you cann either spit or swallow , but swallowing isn't good AT all ! it's GUMM . yeahh maah nikkkuhhh . that shiit bee good aff . anyways i would keep goinggg but you see it's likee 7: 19 && i gots too goo get readdy forr schoolll. . Soo i'll holla atchaa laterssss , kaay mahh nikkkuhh ? ARDD ! Love youuu Nikkiiii ! ♥ :*
♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 29 2012 7:17PM

thank you ♥
♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 29 2012 12:34PM

thankk you nikki ! i love youu as a biig sissssy ! you makee me happy , whenn skies are graay . please don't take my sunshinnee . . . AWAAAAAAAY ! like maah sonng ? I hope soo , i sang it just for you . ♥ Let's geeet craazzzy !
♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 29 2012 2:42AM

heyy Niiki Hey Nikki , Asthmaa ! Whaddupp MS.Crazzyy ? !
I hoope you are feeling better , i know you were feeling sad because of that one lame ass fuccking personn . Just know that you shouldn't listen to wht people say about you , not everything is true . Butt i lovee youu !
You're fucccking gorgeouss ! ♥
Loveee youu .
♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 28 2012 7:27PM

Your face ? I likke that shiit .
♥ Love On Top ♥
Jan 27 2012 5:54PM

♥.♥ )
Mahh face when you message me
Jan 25 2012 9:33PM

Thanks I Love your Ambition Nikki :]
Bass.Down.Low <3
Jan 23 2012 8:20PM

We Should So Join The Circus!<3
Bass.Down.Low <3
Jan 23 2012 8:04PM

We're Such Cool Cats<3
Bass.Down.Low <3
Jan 23 2012 7:12PM

Well .. I'm Awesome Like That Too..
So.. Erm... MNEH! D:
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