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hey! well dah day meh mOmmi smiled wusx jan.8 ; im 15yrs yunq ; im itialian ; mexican ; n blakk ; im a fresh qirl who stays fitted ; cant nevah b trashy ;

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Oct 20 2010 8:27PM
Sooo Maany Fuuuckkinq Faaaakess !!! Whooos Reaaal Yooo ?
Jul 15 2010 11:12PM
Leavee iht.
Apr 1 2010 8:20PM
Dheres Alot Ov Fuqkinq qoth *&& Emo Ppl Ohn Dhis Issh ; Not Sayinq Yhu Cant Bee Ohn Here Buht Damn Mah Niqqah ; Ihs Ridiculious iWish Yall Cudd C Meh Shakinq Mah Head Ritee Now ; Cuhz iAm Shakinq Mah Head Lol :]
Mar 8 2010 9:56AM
Oh Emm qee.!
iReally Efffinq Hatee Wen ppl Say 'qurl Uu 2 Yunq Fer Lovee' Or 'Or Uu Dhont Kno Wuht Love Means'. (NEWSFLASH BiiTCH].! Lovee qots Many Different Meaninq Lovee Can Leavee Uu Happi Or Hurt Sad Or Brokee.! <== Lol Dhat Rhymedd.! NeWho Baqk 2 Subject.! -&& iht Dhont Matter How Old Uu Ihs If U Feel Lik U Wanna B Widd Dhat Person Fer Da Rest Of Ur Lifee Or U Wud Die Fer Dhem -&& Ur Only 7 Lmao.! Fuqk iht iWuhd Juhsx Calll Iht [YunqLovee).
Mar 3 2010 12:38PM
- T h e e B a d d e s t
Ay ; iNeed Sum Mo Cmnts ; So Yah qon Head N Leavee Me Suhm Pweasxee ; Pinky Promisee iLL Return Dah Lovee ; Muahh.!!
Mar 1 2010 7:38PM
-P R E T T Y
So Wuhsupp.?? Iz We qon Stay 2qetha Or Movee Ohn.? Idc Eitha Way it qoess ; imma Havee Luhvv Ferr U [Reqardless)*
Feb 28 2010 10:58PM
- M E A N S W A q q
Shyt Straiqht Up ; iF We qon B 2qetha Dhen Uu Juhsx qon B Widd Me ; Or Shyt We Aint qonna B 2qethaa At All ; Cuhx A Biishh Lik Me Can Movee On 2marro Lol ; Buhdd Yahh Dont Try 2 Playy Me Ihs Juhsx Pointless Lil Daddy.!!
Feb 17 2010 7:16PM
W H Y . ? ? ?
why do peoplee liee abouht who dhey are.?? or how old dhey ihsx.?? or why do ppl post bloqs lik im 'IM IN JAIL' or lik ' I JUS GOT ARRESTED' lyk dhat is juhs so retartedd 2 meh.! lik ithinkk yhu juhsx do iht fer attention...not tryna sound rudee or nuttinq buhd hey im keepinq iht a 100% lykk wuht everybodi needa do.!
Feb 11 2010 6:13PM
Missedd Mehh.?
iSowwy iWasnt qEttinq On Alot Lol Buht Now Imma B Ohn Alot Mo iPinky Promisee.!
So Yahh qOn Headd n Hit Upp Dah iNbox.! Ohhhhhh iMissedd Yall

&&iM Still Bahdd
Oct 8 2009 8:50PM
imiss u mOmmy={ u will aalways b in my heart.iappreciate everythinq u did fer meh.ilOve u cuhz ur my mOmmy.


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Mar 4 2010 9:52AM

LoL Hay Gha! How Youh Been?? We Havent Talked In Such A Long Ass Time! LoL Anyways Im Soo Effed Up Right Now I Feel Sooo Down Ughh Plus My Stomach Hurts! LoL Anyways Enough About Me! LoL Tell Me Whats Been Going On In Your Life! Come and Talk To Me! We Sooo Gottah Chat!xDD LoL See Yah Around Gha!xD Remember Angel Loves Yah Gha!(no homo) Take Care(:
Mar 3 2010 8:53PM

showin luv to da baby
Mar 3 2010 4:55PM

swagged page
Mar 3 2010 4:54PM

showin luv
Mar 3 2010 4:54PM

showin luv
Mar 3 2010 4:54PM

showin luv to da wifey baby got swagg
Mar 3 2010 4:53PM

showin luv to da luv
Mar 3 2010 4:53PM

showin luv to da luv
Mar 3 2010 4:53PM

showin luv to da luv
Dream Killera1
Feb 13 2010 12:27PM

ok thanx
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