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Mar 29 2010 3:02AM
Logging off. Goodbye for now.
Mar 29 2010 2:39AM
Hello Darlings,
My name is Carlee ElizabethTripents. I am a very down to earth kind of girl. I have had myt heart broken to many times for me to trust another single soul. I am 14 years young and I dread blowing out the candles on May 25th. I'm a very outgoing girl, whos not afraid to speak her mind. I have had many friends on here but ever since my laptop broke i dissappeared. Only staying close with a few. Yeah, ive lied many times to get attention.I'm an attention Wh0re.What can you expect? I have faked many people over the years, but im tired of not being myself.So I am(: Look at my playlist. I live at home with A sister and a brother, a mom and a dad. And an uncle. I have 2 dogs, a great dance named GEneral and a german Shephard named sammie. two cats named Shasta and Paca(means cat in a different launguage). A ferret named Bella and a grog named Coozie<3. i am myself. you can call me emo or scene. I dont care. I prefer neither though. I have 8 peircings totaal. Ido have snakebites. No recent photos of that though. I have 3 peircings on each ear as well. You may text me;;//208-949-1307. Just tell me who you are. I'm inlove with hanging out at the mall and stalking out emo guys(;<. I am still barley a virgin too. Dont hate. I am bisexual, yes ive dated/kissed a girl before. Soo dont hate that either. Ive had a 3-some dating wise. Lets just say it wasnt the best expirence i have ever had in my life before. Feel free to message me about anything you would like to say or ask(:<
Yours Truly-Carlee.
Mar 28 2010 6:46PM
Text me(: I'm bored.
Mar 28 2010 6:14PM
Read the title. I still love him;; and I always will. Just like I said i would. Yes, Reece. I'm still inlove with you. I hope you will take me back...
Ps. I'm online(:
Mar 21 2010 5:03PM
Nobody wants my number
I feel so un-fxcking-loved!!
Mar 19 2010 1:43AM
Old friends?
Dear Carlee's old friends that she adores;;;
I'll give you my number<3 iight!! (:
Mar 13 2010 2:04AM
Sorry I was gone for so long..I'm finally not addicted to this site anymore because I actually have a life(: <3
Feb 13 2010 1:59PM
Send me questions(:
Feb 3 2010 12:21AM
Life is either, Ïłłįgåł, Fættëñįńg, Or Bãd-
Jan 31 2010 11:57PM
So if you haven't noticed I can't change my 'about me' thingy because if I do it'll screw up my password and I won't be able on this account again [(*$unnygirl*) and Butterfingerbabe]. So ill type an about me up later.
Peace Homos.


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Mar 19 2010 6:47PM

hey hun ur still coming down for spring break right? even if u dnt stay with me i am gonna see u like everyday i hopiez u know
Mar 15 2010 11:00AM

ya i wanna try modling tooo but idk where yet
Mar 9 2010 12:02AM

heyy doll :)) wuts up?
Mar 7 2010 1:24PM

sorry it took me a while to comment back ^^:
i've missed yew! :D glad ur back though, tahaa! :)
hope everything is okay w/yew

<3 blakey
Feb 21 2010 11:09PM

im not leaveing forever........ill be on one a week maybe a mounth
Feb 21 2010 10:17PM

I'ma Eat A BONE-ana x)
Feb 21 2010 6:25PM

haha was it amazing, or ****ING AMAZING!
Feb 21 2010 6:19PM

hah i bet it was!! :D
Feb 21 2010 6:05PM

thats very nice to know that you got high lol
Feb 20 2010 7:49PM

whats up girl we havent talked in a while!
how you been
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