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the name is Thorne...i am the poisened flower you shouldnt touch ;) ...i am a poet by choice and vicious by nature... i am different but there is no changing that so dont bother trying...message me if u want to know more...i do bite!!!

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Oct 14 2012 6:49AM
I did my lip for like the fifth time tonight!!! soo fun....hope i get to keep it this time ^-^
Oct 14 2012 4:14AM
Back in action! ;)
wow what a year can do to a person... never thought id see such a change in not just myself but those around me as well
Oct 7 2011 5:31PM
ok so i probably be gone for a while so if ya ask maybe ill give you my cell # so we can txt
Aug 12 2011 7:12PM
to my mother <3
At 3yrs "Mommy, I love you".
At 10, "Mom whatever".
At 16, "My Mom is so annoying".
At 18, "I wanna leave this house".
At 25,"Mom, you were right".
At 30, "I wanna go to Mom's house".
At 50, "I don't wanna lose my Mom".
At 70, "I would give up EVERYTHING for my Mom to be here with me".

You only… have 1 Mom. Post this on your wall if you appreciate & love your Mom no matter if she is here or not ♥
Jul 6 2011 8:30PM
alright ppl, so i have been gone for a while but i am back!
Dec 28 2010 11:54PM
:( all alone again
Dec 14 2010 7:15PM
the end
Im just pain in the eyes of those I love, maybe I should just end it all.
Dec 13 2010 6:59PM
i seriously dont think life is worth all of the pain im feeling right now.
Nov 30 2010 7:16PM
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Oct 18 2010 5:20PM
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May 5 2011 11:09PM

ur awsome! wish u cud see this
May 5 2011 11:08PM

U HELLA AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! wish u cud see this
Mar 17 2011 1:31AM

I just cant stop thinking about you........its impossible!
Mar 17 2011 1:30AM

i just cant stop thinking about you........its impossible.
Nov 15 2010 10:29PM

i love u baby
Nov 15 2010 10:29PM

i love u baby
Sep 29 2010 7:42PM

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Sep 26 2010 7:19PM

hey sis, lol
Aug 31 2010 9:52PM

Hey Buddy I Mished Yoouu
Jul 29 2010 9:54PM

well, i heard u were movin, really gonna miss u bud, hope u get on soon,.....
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