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My name is CAMELIA so don't ask. I'm 17.

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Jun 21 2011 6:14PM
I'm sorry Aaron. Why can't you see that?
Jun 19 2011 6:59PM
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Jun 16 2011 5:39PM
May 15 2011 4:56PM
this is an amazing sunday <3
Apr 9 2011 11:02PM
just sayingg...
b****es, i hate b****es
and if ur one
dont ****in talk to me
cuz i can be b****y if i want
Mar 28 2011 9:46PM
crittergetter54 ur awesome and ill always be protecting u from all those ppl making fun of who u are
and aaron, baby i cant even say how much i love u and how awesome u are
Mar 23 2011 7:06PM
cant wait
i cant wait till friday
and dont u dare ruin it for me rebecca black.
Mar 23 2011 6:25PM
i just found out something...
i found something worse than justin bieber: rebecca black
Mar 1 2011 6:28PM
gay day
happy gay faggot's justin beiber birthday
Feb 15 2011 9:21PM
roflmfao and if u dont think its funny then fuccck off
3 guys walk into a bar
1st guy says that he has the smallest head in da world and that hes AWESOMEEE!!!
2nd guy says that he has the smallest ARM in the world and that he is cool
3rd guy says that he's got the smallest dicckk in the world.
they are all arguing about who has the smallest this and the smallest that <3 (strangeeee)
they go to the guiness world records to settle their arguments.
the 1st guy come out all happy because he really DOES have the smallest head in da world!
the 2nd guy also comes out happy because he was right, and he does have the smallest arm.
the 3RD guy on the other hand comes out super upset and mad and shouts "WHO THE FUUUCK IS JUSTIN BIEBER!"

bitttches if u dont get it or dont like it, then shut the FUUUCK up and get a freakin life!

thank u


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May 19 2011 2:43AM

Hi baby
I love u so so much
And these past weeks have shown that nothing can grow us apart and have MADe our love stronger
Ur my queen and I don't care bout anythin else except u
Ur Not the love of my life, U r my life
I love u so much
Nothins gonn change that
And I know were gonna be together forever
Ur my gf. My best friend and my whole world
I love u baby

Aaron x
Apr 15 2011 12:16PM

Hi baby
Cam I love u so much
If someone was lookin for perfection then that's u and I'm so glad I have you all to myself
Ur not the love of my life
U are my life
I love u baby
Always have and always will
Mar 28 2011 6:43PM

Hi baby
I love u and Amelia so much

Ur my queen and she's my princess
I will always love u both

U 2 are the most awesomest and beautifulness girls in the world
Mar 28 2011 6:15PM

hey just stoppen by to say hey!!!
James M.
Feb 6 2011 6:22PM

hi! i jest got over a cold yay :D
James M.
Feb 5 2011 6:54PM

im so booooooored
James M.
Jan 3 2011 11:10AM

happy new year
James M.
Dec 23 2010 11:48AM

:D Merry Christmas
James M.
Dec 21 2010 4:26PM

yung drew
Dec 15 2010 6:56PM

wuts wrong boo
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