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Wishing i could save lifes in, Haiti
About Me:
Taken, Mr.Taylor<3

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Jan 29 2010 6:47PM
Me <3
I'm Chance Stevens. I'm not perfect, and if your looking for bad girl....go look some where else.
What am i? I'm Chance, nothing more nor less.
I'm currently in love.
He makes my heart skip and my knees week.
I love music and kids.
I'm also very big in the economy.
I'm vegitarian and i recycle.
Anything i can to help out the world.
I'm the friend yopu can come too in your worst clothes and still love you just the way you are.
I myself dont have the most expensive clothes...but i manage.
I'm loyal, honest, and easily foold C:
I can be one of your best friends, you just have to let me in.
Well, I'm always around. Love you. <3
Jan 25 2010 10:59PM
my silly lover boy C:
Kirell is my silly lover boy!
he's sweet, gentle,funny,kind
any thing a girl could want!
ima buy him a silly bear! :o
Jan 25 2010 3:27PM
Fudge -.-
The harder i try, The more i fail.
Am i that BIG of a loser??
I'm so angry, i could bite the head of my gummy bear!!
*bites the head of my gummy bear!
Grrrrrrrrr D:
Jan 23 2010 9:16PM
Being cruel, doesn't rule -.-
(>0.0)>{FOUR EYES!!!} <(0.0<) {That's not nice!!!!}
Jan 22 2010 8:57PM
Well, I will be on a little later C:
Peace to you all!
> love, Chance
Jan 22 2010 8:35PM
yay =] im hacking my new bestie friend Chance i love this girl shes awesome funny and pretty and she knows spanish just like her best chris well idk what to say about her but i love you chance your an awesome friend te querio mucho chris and chance BESTIES FOR LIFE
Jan 22 2010 8:02PM
// I can't help but too love youu,
This is Miranda, hackinn' the wonderfull
I love her like a sister, you know if we
weren't from different mothers, I would be her sister!

Well, Chance is an amazinn' person! She's nice, smart
funny, cute, goregeus, amazinn', a sweetheart, bad ass, and
the bestest friend in the world.

This chick be ballinnn' [:
and she's a pimp, fo sho. Don't mess with her, cuz' you'll have to
go through me first!

Chance is an amazinn' poet also. [:
She says I'm good, but I don't believe her.

She's a good catch, and she's single.
If she's not with someone by the end of the week,
I'll freakinn' eat a cow! (:

Well, I gotta go
Love you always babe,

Miranda<33 ( your sister )


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Jun 14 2010 8:07PM

I'm sorry about what I said to you and that's all I have to say plz answer me back
Feb 5 2010 6:23PM

earse my comments im not talking to you no more
Feb 1 2010 1:10PM

-.- wow chance -----v and ur mfg is down sure
Jan 31 2010 7:54PM

it was just ment to be :D
Jan 31 2010 6:08PM

:D least i can do for a charming young lady like you
Jan 31 2010 6:01PM

miss stevens i fear that your gravely wrong on this topic the truth is that sir taylor acually loves you more
Jan 31 2010 5:58PM

nopesssss i loves you more!
Jan 30 2010 2:00AM

i love you more :D :O
Jan 28 2010 3:22PM

where have you been -.-
Jan 27 2010 11:10PM

i looooveeeeee you chanceeee :D
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