Get rich or die trying in Pix City

Pix City Adventure

By Bigdino - Get rich or die trying in Pix City.

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Dec 14 2017 9:17 PM

This game is awsome


Dec 14 2017 9:16 PM

the arrow keys


Dec 9 2017 7:57 PM

you house music is the best


Dec 8 2017 10:45 PM

How do you drive your car? What key do you press?


Jul 15 2016 8:54 AM

This game was fun until day 2. After I got beat up by the guy and the hospital had to help me, I end up in front of the hospital and for some frickin reason I cant move. It's like the thing is just stuck there. All I can do is maybe go inside the hospital and that's it. Cant go anywhere else. And when I fight with the dude at the industry plant it's impossible to beat him, pressing those keys falling down don't help. I don't get it. Is the game broken or something ?


Jun 2 2015 5:58 PM

fuck s*** a**hole


Nov 30 -0001 12:00 AM

I figured it out btw. Cool game. Wish it was longer and had more stuff to do.