Jump from level to level and avoid the hazards


By Bazosoft - Jump from level to level and avoid the hazards.

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Oct 26 2019 9:17 PM

could any1 help me on the level 14? the 1 with all the barrels o.0


Oct 26 2019 7:07 PM

This game is awesome to the people that said the Jump doesn't work hold Up+X at the same time wile on the treadmill. Anyway the game was great it had a little of everything If i had to rate it....it would be 4/5.


Oct 24 2019 6:24 PM

very bad game the controle b***un to jump doseent work for me eithir 0)5


Oct 23 2019 5:08 PM

not entirely bad but boring after a while 2/5


Oct 23 2019 8:12 AM

This game is a fail 0/5


Oct 22 2019 8:46 PM

horrible the jump button doesn't always work for me


Oct 22 2019 6:59 PM

second comment screen cuts off controls mess up terribe 0/5 is my rating.


Oct 22 2019 3:17 PM

bad game doesnt go with controls and first comment