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Apr 7 2013 10:38AM
Can someone tell me the right cheat for mac
Oct 28 2012 6:21PM
by five year old i mean cuzin
Jul 28 2012 5:28PM
dodge the spike i tought my 5 year old how to do it and he got 1000 on the first try
Jun 20 2011 5:43PM
just dodge the ****ing spikes ain't that hard
Dec 17 2010 10:12PM
If you cut off both shins it makes dodging much easier.
Nov 9 2010 8:26PM
If you press space right before a spike hits you it clears all of the spikes!
Sep 1 2010 12:39AM
if u want to play with no blood (lol) press right click then play then DONT START THE GAME (DO NOT press play) just move and u see no blood lol
Aug 4 2010 6:58AM
The cheat is to ban brendansj.
Jun 22 2010 8:49PM
O.K. you have to do this in the correct order and you will become invincible. Keep in mind you must hold all buttons at the same time. Hold space and F5 and 8 and ; and / and S and Ctrl and Alt and finally -. If you do all this you will become invincible for the rest of the time you play the game on that round. Also don't listen to 005SETH. He just gives you fake cheats or stuff that will make you exit the browser.
Jun 12 2010 3:32PM
i know da ultimate cheat!!!!! add me and i will tell u!!!!!
Jun 7 2010 5:33PM
cut a littel bit of of arms and leag
Apr 25 2010 12:15PM
try to purposly cut ur arms and legs off then u r shorter and u can move around faster
Mar 19 2010 12:17PM
you eat d the pees knees
Mar 15 2010 8:07PM
dont die and u win
Mar 15 2010 3:30PM
smell my ASS
Mar 15 2010 3:30PM
go back and forth and you wont die
Feb 24 2010 6:30AM
alt+f4 only closes the browser jnj
Feb 15 2010 3:52PM
if that dosent work press 1 then f5 and hold alt if that massed up try with caps lock iI HOPE THAT WORKS HAVE FUN :}
Feb 15 2010 3:44PM
try this cheat fist hold F3 then hold A then S
Feb 8 2010 11:02AM
Press Alt F4.
Feb 6 2010 11:07PM
Feb 6 2010 11:06PM
or f4 and a
Feb 6 2010 11:06PM
press f4 and t
Feb 6 2010 6:35PM
dont listen to jmasterh and 005seth i did both and it close the window
Feb 6 2010 6:33PM
dont listen to 005SETH cuz i did it and it closed my window
Jan 21 2010 5:40PM
Jan 17 2010 8:07PM
first cheat called it
Jan 9 2010 8:52PM
suck a ****
Jan 9 2010 7:30PM
press ctrl w and like 500 spikes will fall and not hit u
Dec 30 2009 1:54PM
if u typef4 and alt u will get 999,999,999
Dec 4 2009 10:59PM
type in **** u
Nov 27 2009 11:23PM
hit top of spikes u go thro em
Nov 20 2009 5:08PM
Make him a kid bye cutting the end of lims off
Nov 16 2009 3:41PM
and dont press alt f4 it closes your screen and the people who said to do that are f*** tards and they nead to go jump off a cliff because theyre dou*he bags f*** them @$$ holes
Nov 16 2009 3:36PM
Nov 7 2009 7:40PM
kill that doll it fun lol
Oct 25 2009 1:27PM
just make up a dance move and make the stick figure do the move
Oct 15 2009 12:24PM
press alt f4
Oct 14 2009 8:33PM
just play there are no glitches or cheats unless you press f4 and alt a same time and it say you doged 987654443121
Oct 2 2009 8:37PM
heress a good and some wat help ful tip try to make him bounce off walss
Sep 23 2009 1:44PM
Sep 19 2009 8:12PM
I've noticed that a spike can pass through the very end of any part of you, and it won't do damage. I've also noticed that while this is happening, no other spikes do damage to you. Don't recommend trying it though, very hard to do
Sep 6 2009 9:27PM
heres a tip:press down and move=go slower,but have move control.press up and move=go faster,but have less control.i hope that helps becuz it helped me
Aug 29 2009 5:44PM
Aug 16 2009 9:31PM
crazybanana74 you suck dogs are way better then cat so **** you!!!
Aug 14 2009 9:39AM
4th floor???
Aug 10 2009 6:38PM
cut off his feet and go back and fourth on the floor i got 273 by doing that.
Aug 7 2009 5:04PM
jitother is bull ****
Aug 7 2009 5:02PM
I would say get his head of but then you would lose but its fun + I LOVE CATS NOT DOGS.SO THERE DOGLOVER56
Jul 22 2009 4:09PM
keep him in the air i dodged 85 that way
Jun 24 2009 5:12PM
lose both your hands and both feet and youl be mini so it will be easier to dodge the spikes. but its hard to get just ur hands and feet!
Jun 18 2009 11:31AM
i hate the game
Jun 12 2009 5:41PM
thx dude
Jun 12 2009 3:00PM
Jun 12 2009 2:58PM
I strongly agree with clk! u all suck at posting cheats here Motha Fockaz!! except the arms and legs thing
Jun 11 2009 9:13PM
Jun 11 2009 2:16AM
Jun 10 2009 8:38PM
sugarbaby thats not a cheaT!
Jun 6 2009 10:54AM
lose both your hands and both feet and youl be mini so it will be easier to dodge the spikes.
Jun 6 2009 10:04AM
o well tell foamy shut the hell up you cock sucking dip ****.
Jun 2 2009 2:05PM
im the lord and master up FOAMY LOOK HIM UP ON YOUTUBE OR ILL STABYOUR EYES TILL U BLEED THE CHEATS DONT WORK U[my message from foamy] NEOYUPPYSCUMBAGS[foamy!!] SUK **** [me] im the lord and master you are all basterds if u dont worship me ill stab ur eyes till u bleed cause im the lord and master from foamy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQMyDYScJkw
May 27 2009 11:21AM
those cheats suck
May 12 2009 9:04PM
try to avoid the spikes
May 6 2009 5:47PM
P.S.S i hate spammers
May 6 2009 5:46PM
P.S it will be easier
May 6 2009 5:46PM
cut his legs and arms to be a kid
May 4 2009 4:10PM
uh hu yea right
May 3 2009 12:04PM
chop part of ur legs itll be easier
Apr 28 2009 9:58AM
you doge alot by squesing yourself agnsnt the left wall
Apr 26 2009 1:15AM
keep going left and right on arrow keys
Apr 25 2009 10:09AM
Apr 11 2009 11:38AM
Apr 10 2009 5:41PM
click F6 and u will beat the hole game and be invisible
Apr 5 2009 4:21PM
press 8902 and space to be invincible
Apr 4 2009 3:00PM
pretend its someone you hate, and TRY to get hit. I like it better that Way
Mar 29 2009 6:41PM
stay at the bottem and move
Mar 23 2009 3:28PM
yall @$$holes those are not cheats
Mar 22 2009 10:44PM
evry time u die press space to get a fast restart
Mar 22 2009 10:39PM
actully 159
Mar 22 2009 10:35PM
haha i got like 976 trying to get my arms off!!!
Mar 19 2009 8:50PM
dont die
Mar 15 2009 11:27AM
make your arms and legs shorter and it will be easier to move i dodged 1647 by doing that!!!
Mar 12 2009 8:46PM
make yourself short with your arms and legs so you can move easily
Mar 11 2009 7:20PM
there is no cheats for this mother fuking game
Mar 3 2009 5:08PM
move to the top a$$hol3s
Mar 3 2009 5:07PM
move in the right/left hand corner b****ez
Mar 2 2009 6:52PM
Feb 18 2009 5:13PM
dont get hit
Feb 15 2009 12:01PM
Feb 14 2009 2:00PM
some of them ya lot of them no mothe fockerz
Feb 4 2009 9:03PM
thats not a cheat clk
Feb 2 2009 7:46PM
Jan 19 2009 3:32PM
cut urself really short and ur hands then u will be short and it would be easier. wen u die just pretend its someone u really hate
Jan 17 2009 2:16PM
Be super fast and stay near ground so u know whats coming
Jan 11 2009 11:58AM
Just avoid the spikes!!
Jan 6 2009 6:54PM
cut his legs and arms to make him a smarller taget i got dodged like 5000 by doing it
Jan 6 2009 6:46PM
move left to right really really fast!!!!!!