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Jun 7 2012 4:02PM
VoidKnight, awesome cheat, really works! 8-)
May 20 2011 9:33PM
Look people... All you do is this--> Click start keep your mouse right on the start then right click and left click on the finish line)------> DONT CLICK OFF THE THING THAT POPS UP.
Nov 27 2010 2:29PM
Aug 17 2010 3:00PM
So easy, Alt-F4 to beat the game right away, so easy! :)
Jul 27 2010 12:13AM
Awesome cheat: Cheat for every game in the world on the Internet: Alt+F4 --------- The cheat above may have technical difficulties and may cause odd outcomes. No virus or any other unusual happenings can be blamed on any site, player, human being, animal, alien, thing, cow, or kookie. Each person may have this cheat, it must not be kept a secret. Feel free to copy/paste this even for games not in need of a cheat. When used, may not work at first time, must use the first use during playing favorite game, while in the middle of an incredible high score. May not be used as a spam. WARNING: May activate raining cookies. Please buy milk umbrella before use of cheat.
Jul 18 2010 9:25AM
hardyfan if you killed yourself how did you type your cheat
Jul 18 2010 9:24AM
just double click in the start box and hold the second click. lrt the click go in the finish box
May 5 2010 8:45PM
asim123 you are a loser what grade are you in 1st?
Nov 26 2009 7:38PM
type on icup and say it out load
Nov 26 2009 7:38PM
Nov 7 2009 5:44PM
just right click and move your mouse towards the end.
Nov 5 2009 2:56PM
press button
Jun 17 2009 12:56PM
Feb 23 2009 2:12AM
when u push start hold the left mouse button and hold it then just go to the finish
Feb 22 2009 10:24PM
when u start u can get out fast and when u try to get in u die
Feb 9 2009 8:45PM
hardy if u binked and killed u than how u right i killed my self dome ass
Jan 19 2009 5:27PM
Dec 23 2008 2:51AM
press the start button then quickly hold the left mouse button and dont let go tell you get to finish thats how i got 13 seconds