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Aug 4 2011 11:09PM
i agree
May 7 2011 3:45PM
this ****ing game is some boody
May 7 2011 3:44PM
Jan 8 2011 11:57PM
the game is a pile of hoarse sh!t
Dec 5 2010 7:36AM
y dos it ****f u c k u******
Dec 5 2010 7:36AM
now shut the **** up you ****ing C*U*ts people can cheat if they want
Apr 18 2010 11:22PM
lol you need cheats for this game? 2 words for ya 1.YOU. 2.SUCK.
Mar 7 2010 11:53AM
heres the ultra cheat stop playing the game and get a life
Dec 27 2009 11:04PM
dont play this game