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Nov 13 2013 11:36PM
1+4 Instant killing of opponents 1+8 Long hands and feet
Mar 25 2013 1:36PM
Jan 25 2013 1:10PM
super speed
Jan 25 2013 1:08PM
god mode
Mar 18 2011 7:40PM
u rlly dont need a cheat its called wait for the bullet and dodge
Dec 28 2010 12:08PM
I got 1565
Oct 31 2010 1:03PM
its gonna be a long chat because i talking about halloween.October"31 1234 the first halloween in the 12th centrey HAHAHAHAHAHA
Oct 16 2010 7:38PM
Oct 15 2010 11:46PM
sit at the bottem then when the bullet comes quickly go to the top then return to the bottem do that for the hole game
Jul 23 2010 5:33AM
and last, go to the mid right part of the screen for swiss cheeze (if u know what i mean ;D )
Jul 23 2010 5:31AM
oh and suck it if this is hard i only got killed by getting shot with 7 rockets at 1 time.
Jul 23 2010 5:28AM
keep on pressin space to dance!
Jul 22 2010 3:03AM
this game sucks like crap
Jun 7 2010 5:31PM
this is f###ing gay
Mar 12 2010 6:54PM
This is not really a cheat but heres advice lay on the ground and the left corner so will have a less chance to get hit! Check my other cheats!
Jan 30 2010 12:03PM
if u keep moving n a line he grows
Jan 28 2010 6:24PM
jump and duk b****ess
Dec 28 2009 12:58PM
go up and doun
Aug 30 2009 2:20PM
do not listen to mario456
Jul 21 2009 6:18AM
go all the way to the right in the middle and you will get 10000 points i am not kidding
Jul 13 2009 5:27PM
Jul 7 2009 10:25PM
Jul 3 2009 12:16PM
press space
Jun 21 2009 11:28PM
going in an up and down motion dosent work trust me i tried doing it the first time i played and it dosent work trust trust me peace and respect
May 10 2009 12:53AM
ok you guys suck im a way better than all of you
Apr 13 2009 5:05PM
always go in a circular motion
Apr 7 2009 10:51PM
this game sucks balls
Mar 26 2009 7:48PM
peanuts good for devin
Mar 6 2009 11:54PM
stay where you are and wait for a bullet to com
Feb 1 2009 5:55PM
stay in one place but when the bullet comes m0ve out the way
Jan 19 2009 9:10PM
i got the beast chet yet is dont play
Jan 19 2009 4:19PM
actually move the guy up and down and only left cause then u wont get hit at all my score was 70000
Jan 19 2009 4:16PM
the arrows go wherever u go so move up and down really fast i got like 20000 doing that.