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Oct 2 2016 5:27AM
allways have 1000000
Sep 29 2012 8:08PM
it messes up at the end i picked all cases to fast and it told me to remove 1 more case and ther was none so it starded to make a wierd sound so when theres two cases left to pick on there dont pick the other one super fast before the banker calls or it will mess up
Sep 29 2012 7:57PM
i know the order its in they add or subtract tenech time if the y do nt do it its always 11,7,4,3,2,or 1
Sep 29 2012 7:52PM
yah cause my case number 1 was the 1,000,000 dollars
Jun 6 2012 8:08PM
dont listen to them case number 1 is not always low
Jul 24 2011 6:28PM
I don't think cheating is a good thing, but here you go. Just before the round ends, quickly pick a case for a high offer.
Aug 8 2010 1:48PM
I Won $1,000,000, And I Chose Case #1.... It's A Lucky Case!!!
Jul 4 2010 7:08PM
Mar 13 2010 1:07PM
i won the million on my first try it is always case bla
Mar 12 2010 6:46PM
Well after you chose how many cases they told you and at the end before the banker calls you, you can click another case and the bank offer will be doubled! Check out my other cheats!
Feb 26 2010 12:53AM
keep picking your case as the same number
Feb 11 2010 6:27PM
case 1 is always a low #
Jan 13 2010 8:57PM
hoorah for cheats =D
Dec 5 2009 6:32PM
please select googol cases to be seclected LOL!
Nov 13 2009 9:06PM
if you click right before the banker calls you can select an extra case and then select no deal and repeat it every time and at the end there will be none left when it tells you to remove 1 case
Nov 10 2009 8:44PM
Nov 10 2009 8:43PM
dea l or no deal
May 27 2009 7:33PM
i got 212,000 for my first ofer. i just cept cliken aftor the my soposoly last case.
Feb 5 2009 10:26PM
After you pick your last case just click on another one really fast and it should give you 1 before the banker calls you!!!
Jan 18 2009 10:36AM
I got an offer of 500,000 and it cuz i just clicked as many boxes as i could before the banker called! it was awesome!
Dec 31 2008 8:18PM
Say you have 6 cases to open and you opened six quickly pick another case befroe the baker calls and he gives you A high offer
Dec 28 2008 11:38AM
when your on your last case when u open it start clicking on another case and the banker will give u high offer because he gave ma offer or 2,000,000