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Aug 11 2015 3:12PM
keep pressing space
Nov 15 2010 7:40AM
This cheat did the trick -- bit.ly/mfgtricks
Nov 15 2010 6:33AM
I found a few good working cheats for this at http://bit.ly/MGFhax
May 30 2010 9:07AM
get something to hold down the spacebar
Mar 14 2010 10:25PM
y do u guys cheat this game is hella easy
Nov 19 2009 11:09PM
hold ctrl(control) and w and is gives u a machine gun
Nov 4 2009 6:11PM
**** this dumbass son of a b**** game
Nov 3 2009 11:20AM
this is what you should do press f4 and the alt button that gives you cool weapons
Jun 8 2009 4:51PM
Arrow Keys Left/Right Move Left/Right Arrow Keys Up/Down Aim gun up/down Space Key Fire
Jun 7 2009 1:59PM
y cheat u suck if u cheat at a computer game lik this 1
May 3 2009 2:14PM
don't cheat
Apr 17 2009 6:44PM
exsactly wat i was going to say
Mar 8 2009 1:45PM
hold the sapce bar down and u can get over 200 massacures and tons of coins