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Jun 5 2011 10:24PM
Jan 27 2011 7:24PM
dance like this in public people will throw things at you and say that they are presents
Nov 9 2010 4:57AM
use 8 and use popcorn
Oct 9 2010 11:07PM
Oct 9 2010 11:06PM
keep pressing 3 very fast and use the music POPCORN have a nice terd
Jun 3 2010 8:41AM
the movies hilarious this game used a clip of the movie were he trys to help a freind
Jan 8 2010 11:58AM
put in party music an press dance 9 relly fast
Nov 18 2009 9:15PM
heres a cheat.....................dont play at all
Oct 17 2009 10:46PM
press beat box then keep clicking dance 8 very fast
Aug 10 2009 11:38PM
visit xgenstudios.com and play stick figure arena- ballistick. it is the coolest game ever!
Jun 19 2009 12:34AM
keep clicking 8
Mar 4 2009 9:41PM
ok keep clickin the 14 one for the dance moves... its looks wierd
Feb 8 2009 9:50PM
dont ever dance like this in public
Feb 3 2009 8:17PM
i got a chet it is the best dont play!!!! :):):):):) :]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:] >:o
Jan 12 2009 7:02PM
if u looked at this yur a dumbass >:O