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Apr 22 2011 7:52PM
the numbers are 4123
Mar 25 2011 8:13PM
walkthrough room 1: use mouth on rope use hand on armor use hand on sword get magnifying glass, rope, jacket, sword use magnifying glass on jacket, get password input password room 2: get battery get fan get table room 3: put fan on land connect battery to fan put table on water get on table put jacket on table use sword on fan room 4: get key room 5: get cross bow get mud vase get wall drill get arrow back to room 4 and use arrow in water back to room 5 use arrow on crossbow use drill on wall left side of exit use loaded crossbow on hole room 6: get rug get helmet get air pump get needle room 7: notice the numbers on stones like dice stay on green path, walk to opposite side get hammer use numbers on panel on left side room 8: get hat room 9: quickly use mouth on yellow powder use key on cage get smurf get yellow powder back to room 8 and use smurf on hole use yellow powder on cat get balloon room 10: look at hat, take rabbit out put rabbit on ground use air pump on balloon use needle on balloon room 11: get stone and look put rug on ground use mouth on rug use hammer on mud vase and get soil put soil on rug combine hammer and helmet and get ritual kit use ritual kit on rug THIS WAS NOT BY ME