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Survive throught he night in the abandoned house

Zombies Surrounded

By ArcadeBomb - Survive throught he night in the abandoned house..

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Dec 26 2018 6:02 PM

I found a few good working cheats for this at --


Nov 24 2018 1:50 PM

1. When prompted, press space during the beginning cutscene to shoot the zombie. 2. Open your inventory by clicking on the backpack icon, and click the flashlight. 3. Walk to the arrow pointing to the girl. When you get to her, press space. (cutscene) 4. Walk to the small desk in the corner, across from the stairs. (then press space) 5. Break a hole in the desk by clicking on the crack a few times, and get the small key. 6. Leave the desk, and go up the stairs. 7. Break a piece of wood off of the corner of the headboard of the bed. 8. Open your inventory and click on the wood to equip it. 9. Search under the bed, and use the broken wood to reach the batteries. 10. Pick up the batteries from in front of the bed. 11. Use the small key to open the dresser, and take the screwdriver. 12. Go back downstairs to the radio. 13. Click on the radio, and use the screwdriver on it to get the battery compartment lid. 14. Insert the batteries, and put the battery compartment lid back on. 15. Turn on the radio. (cutscene) 16. Kill the group of zombies that attack you. Don't let any of them get to the house. 17. Press space during the next cutscene to stab the zombie. 18. Now that you are in the bas****t, go to the old sink. Take the axe head. 19. Search behind the bookshelf to find the axe handle. 20. Combine the axe head and axe handle in the inventory, and then close the inventory. 21. Use the axe to break the window and escape