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Nov 15 2010 3:46PM
thanks clovers for the help i have never passed tat before until now this is my first time beating it thXS THXS UR THE BEST!!
Aug 23 2010 7:24PM
Ohkay, this game is soo fun. Sorry guys, none of those made sense haha. Here's the walkthrough from the website: •Start by heading right, take the quarter from the vending machine. Move right again, the door is locked, move right once more and look in the pocket of the shirt laying on the sofa. You will find a key. Now go back left and use the key to unlock the door. •Open the dresser drawer and take the dollar bill, open the middle tool drawer and take the screwdriver. Note that there is a key hanging from a rope that you can’t reach even with the chair. Leave this room by clicking the down arrow. •Click the vent to take a closer look, use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws and then head into the vent. Now you are on the 12th floor. •Take the quarter from the newspaper machine, turn right and enter into the Java Cup. Look into the vent on the floor, you will see a black key that is out of reach. Leave the Java Cup, turn right and then go into the stairwell, go down the stairs, notice Floor 11 is under construction and is blocked off. Head down to floor 10 and then turn left into the door. •Turn left and take the quarter from the soda machine. Turn left again enter into the Clothes Closet and then turn right. Open the changing room doors and take the clothes hanger. •Now head back to the Java Cup on floor 12. •Once you enter back into the Java Cup, use the clothes hanger to reach the black key. Now you can use the elevator. Leave the Java Cup and move left until you reach the end of the hallway. Open the elevator and get in. Click on the number panel and insert the black key into the keyhole on the bottom right. •Some of the floors are under construction and are inaccessible, head to the 6th floor, turn right move the plant aside to reveal a key, use the brass key to unlock the door. •Look at the poster hanging on the wall there is a hidden message (lie) Now click on the computer and enter the password lie into the box and click enter, notice that this room is blue and all of the papers in the filing cabinet are blue, Look at the blue shapes each one has a different amount of sides, The clue is 8456 if you look at the blue shapes from left to right. Click the close button to get back to the office. •Click on the top of the poster and it will move to reveal a safe, click on the safe and enter the code 8456, the safe will open, take the ninja star from the safe and then leave the office. Head back to the elevator and go down to the 2nd floor. •After you leave the elevator turn right, look at the symbols on the wall, earth, moon, water, fire. Head right once more, notice the black panel on the wall, click on it to take a closer look. Insert the ninja star into the slot and change the symbols to match the order on the wall. The machine will slide aside to reveal a secret passage, enter the passage. •Take the bo staff, turn left and notice a sword that you can’t take, there is a platform that needs to hold something. Leave this area then turn right and head into the stairwell and then go down to the first floor. •Turn left and enter into the Arcade, place your dollar into the change machine and you will get back a quarter because the machine didn’t work right. Now leave the Arcade and head left to the fortune teller. The curtain will not open, there is a button high up on the side so use the bo staff to press the button. Once the curtain opens take the crystal ball. Turn left and you will find the door leading outside, it is locked electronically you will have to find a way to turn it on. •Enter into the elevator and return to the 2nd floor. Turn right twice, insert all 4 quarters into the vending machine and you will receive some batteries that you will need soon. Now enter back into the passage, turn left and set the crystal ball onto the platform then you can take the sword. •Now head to the 5th floor make your way into the movie theatre and look at the seats on the right side, you will find a visor that an employee of Juicy Burger left, take a closer look and you will find an ID card attached. Take the ID card. •Now head to the 9th floor and make your way to the employee lounge for Juicy Burger, you will need to use the ID card to unlock the door. Open the lockers and you will find a flashlight that needs batteries. Place the batteries from the vending machine into the flashlight. •Now head all the way back up to the 13th floor where there was a rope with a key hanging from it. Make sure the chair is pushed under the rope, now use the sword to cut the rope. Move the chair aside and take the gold key. •Leave this room and head left, use the gold key to unlock the Janitor door. Once inside turn on the flashlight, now click on the electrical panel to take a closer look. Some of the fuses need fixed, if the fuse is red flip it to turn it back on. Once they are on ( not red) head all the way back downstairs to the 1st floor. Click on the door leading outside. •Congratulations! You escaped from the 13th floor
Aug 21 2010 5:36PM
Swtich Off All The Thingys In The Jannitors Room, To Off, The Red Part Shouldnt Be Showing, With All Of Them. Go Back to the first floor, Get Outt, Yourr Welcome. :]
Aug 21 2010 5:33PM
Using The Emloyees ID Open The Door In The 9th floor, Look For the flash light, Go back to the 13th floor. Use The Flashlight to look aroundd in the janitors room.
Aug 21 2010 5:27PM
Get The Stickk Located In The Chinese Room Whatever. Use The Stick To Poke The Button IN The First Floor "Fortune" Get The Ball, RePlace to get the sword, Go to the 13th Floor. Go to the office, the GOLDEN Key is hanging on the wall, use the sword to cut it.
Aug 19 2010 10:18PM
wat bout the blocks on the computer :?
Aug 19 2010 12:28PM
the password 4 the computer is lie and the safe code is 8456, in order 2 reveal the safe u have 2 log n2 the computer and then click the right spot on the poster in the law office, the key 4 the law office is under the pot right by the law office, the 4 quarters that u need 2 get the batteries from the vending machine can b collected by getting one quarter from each of the other vending machines ( u have 2 click the silver round thing in the return slot, thats the quarter) and one by redeeming the dollar u find in the locked room on the 13th floor in the arcade on the first floor ( the machine is a rip off and will only give u one quarter) im sure this will help u, ur welcome =)