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Jul 18 2010 1:19PM
causality road rage.......as soon as you start clik the wet floor sigh and wen the cop stops walking clik his gun.around that time the stick man will pump gas.wen he does that clik the green button behind the cashier wen he makes it green clik it again do that 1 more time and he will get pissed.wen he goes to the store clik that cart so he trips,he will pick up gun,he will trip again,then wen he is by the other stickman clik the 2nd cupboard,wen he talks to the cashier keep on cliking the cashiers head until the dude gets pissed like crazy and points the gun at the cashier,clik the gun,the dudes will fight,and just about wen he kicks him to the floor clik the bag by the engineer,he will stand behind the sign,before he gets behind the sign the gun in the guys hand will be pointed backwards clik it,the glass goes on road,car tips sign on engineer,cop comes running bak and the whole thing blows up your welcome people.
Jul 17 2010 5:31PM
omg thats an awesome cheat wut does it doo u peaice of ****
Jul 17 2010 3:27PM
first cheat :-P :-)