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No prison can hold me

Sniper Freedom

By Ahjee - No prison can hold me..

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Dec 26 2018 5:23 PM

Woot This Worked! --


Jul 14 2018 12:01 AM

misson 1. shoot the lock on cell one then the lock on cell two misson 2.shoot the wire connecting the button to the alarm then shoot the lever misson 3.shoot the remaing water knobs then wait for the room to fog up misson 4.shoot the spinler wait untill the guard leaves then shoot the cameras when there not looking at each other misson 5.shoot the sirens when the garud is underneath then they will fall and knock out the gaurd misson 6. shoot the leg of the first self misson 7. when the guy goes to the other guy eating shoot his bowl misson 8. when the gaurd is by the exstiwisher shoot it then shoot the wire for the info desk misson 9. don't shoot the lights shoot the light cables or guard catch you misson 10. shoot the dogs leash then wait for the gaurd on the wall to leave and shoot the water over remaining gaurds head then shoot the table leg to distract the spotlight, then shoot the lever for the door


Jul 26 2017 10:17 PM