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Jan 21 2012 6:23PM
you are a loser if you came to cheat
Aug 6 2011 7:43PM
how about you find it out by your self
Feb 1 2011 5:33PM
all that say this crap that o you are lame because you cheat nope they do it to see the end you ****ing fags
Dec 4 2010 9:01AM
fuc this
May 1 2010 1:03PM
i cant get past level 9!
Apr 9 2010 1:21PM
Apr 8 2010 8:22PM
ok heres wot u do. Click, click, click.....and then click some more
Dec 25 2009 12:16AM
wow you guys are not dume thay came for cheats to so thay must be i came to cheat but i played again and i won the game BTW i did not cheat!!!!
Dec 3 2009 8:45PM
I like this game becuse all you do is blow stuff big time! You make stuff go BIG BOOM!!!!
Dec 3 2009 8:43PM
sorry pesple, i wasnt trying to say FU i was trying to say foo.
Dec 3 2009 8:40PM
Dec 3 2009 2:12PM
walkthrugh: 1. press the explosion thing the bone then quikly press the explosion thing the holes for the explosion thing then press it the four pices on theright side drain then press the drain the press the string next to the mouse then press the string left of the one you just pressed the triangle on the box twice the press the button on the pole then press one of the dots on the box then press the x thing when its moving then press a small lever on the pole then press the bell thats on the table the the exaust pipe then keep and quickly keep pressing the black dot when a cloud appears press the front of the car the two big dots in the sky then press the biggest dot (that will appesr after you press the smaller two) then click the penguin then then click the hole then click the door of the igloo then click the hole then click the hole again then click the explosion thing the window (the bottom left one)then remeber the code under the plane picture (it shuld be 189432) thentype it in the phone then quickly as it travels by click the plane 9a.(warning this is long!!!!!!!) click the bottom circle then click a small black thing that sticks out the telly (cick it twice) then click the picture of the explosion thing the second to bottom circle click the second light to the left then click the explosion thing the center circle press the body then keep pressing all the black dots on the ceiling eventualy the explosion thing should appear in the door click it the second to top circle on the right shelf press the secon row of books from the top then click the explsion thing the top circle click the 4th bottle from the left then click the explosion thing the two clouds untill there above the two bridges then click the two bridges then click the only building that you can click then click the wheels untill the bottom of it is black on all of them then click the large giant shark thin thankyou and youl thank me for being the first one to do a walktrough!!!!!!!!!
Nov 30 2009 5:43PM
you guys are stupid if you use cheats ............. the game is easy i just wanted to tell you that before you used them :) :P :) :P :D :P
Nov 29 2009 6:53PM
in the tower the top keep on clicking on the bottles two times