Use your wits to make it out of the woods alive

Gretel And Hansel

By Makopudding - Use your wits to make it out of the woods alive..

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Nov 8 2019 12:07 PM

first shoot the window and wait till the fly flys in wake up hansel by waiting until the fly flys near his mouth then shoot the sling-shot at his mouth. he sallows it and wakes up next go to the rocking horse and push it open then go out collect the rocks near the steps and the rock in the grass after that shoot the sling-shot at the house were the rock in the wall is it will fall out next i go to the the flower arrow and the mushroom


Nov 7 2019 10:13 PM

Well All i no use the sling shot to brake the window than a fly will come in.wen the fly is over dat lil do use the sling shot.than the fly will fall into lil dues mouth than he will wake up after dat him and lil girl will talk hell tell u to go out side.and dats all i no foe now i will keep u updated