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Dec 19 2018 1:12PM
everyone go to pornhub and xvideos to get free cheat codes for this game
Dec 19 2018 1:09PM
Never crash and press t to fly
Apr 21 2014 8:07AM
omfg people! stop post that **** about ur crush kissing u on the nearest friday. THATS BULL****! that stuff is so fake, i neevr did it but ik it wont work. JUST STOP THAT ****ED UP **** U ****ERS
Apr 21 2014 8:05AM
if u hold the arrow keys back to do a back flip first crash and go forward and it will let u continue. weird glitch i should say
May 4 2013 12:10AM
Look below for gullible people
May 20 2012 3:58PM
retarted game
Feb 29 2012 3:36PM
it glitches out and makes me do backflips!O___o
Oct 29 2011 2:09PM
stupid !@#$ game.
Sep 18 2011 9:26PM
avoid flipping if possible, it can crash u. dont press space unless u wanna mess up or turn around
Jun 22 2011 6:11PM
Guys theres not stinking cheats on here lol talk on comments.
Jun 7 2011 6:41AM
ctrl z w and big cheese you shut up
Apr 20 2011 10:11AM
To all you people who say to press alt f4: Shut up!! Everyone knows it just closes the window. we're not stupid . go find something better to do.
Apr 3 2011 5:54PM
and iphone
Apr 3 2011 5:53PM
this cheat works for all games 1. hold shift and press f4 then log into ur email and read the newest u will get a offer for a free ipod or ipad or both.i did it got got both.
Mar 20 2011 5:20AM
Don't do any flips unless you need to or you wont get very far.
Mar 20 2011 5:16AM
Never press ENTER. If you press enter you will turn the opposite way of what you're going.
Feb 20 2011 7:47PM
Feb 15 2011 9:45PM
When u go stop after u do a flip
Jan 20 2011 8:13PM
Jan 20 2011 8:06PM
Jan 7 2011 5:16PM
press enter and u beat the game!
Dec 21 2010 2:52PM
u dnt need cheats for this game! u just have to wing it! and u have to keep trying till u succeed! check out my profile!!!!!!! add me!!!!!
Nov 29 2010 5:32PM
you press up, down, down, left, up, right to f*** your self who needs cheats.
Nov 27 2010 12:28PM
press enter BEFORE you start to move o go super speed
Nov 25 2010 4:55PM
if your name is avennah you are dumb because you had to go on the cheats to post what you said you are dumb and stupid
Oct 21 2010 7:11PM
easy dont play the f**king game
Aug 14 2010 2:08AM
the object is not speed but the opasit
Aug 14 2010 2:05AM
up left down right up up f2
Aug 4 2010 8:43PM
alt f4 just closes the page stupid! p.s if you need a cheat you dumb
Jul 22 2010 11:42AM
Whats mario even doin on a motor bike??
Jul 14 2010 1:24PM
go to it really works!
Jun 23 2010 2:31PM
if u press alt then f4 the screen gone close crackass
Apr 16 2010 3:05AM
Apr 5 2010 9:32PM
its so easy
Apr 2 2010 9:50PM
Apr 2 2010 4:41AM
Apr 2 2010 4:40AM
ALT F4 best glitch ever and view my profile! 8)
Feb 18 2010 1:43PM
i done it. Its gay
Feb 18 2010 1:43PM
dont hold down ALT + F4
Feb 14 2010 5:44PM
moo your stupid
Feb 8 2010 6:32PM
Hold down ALT then press F4
Feb 7 2010 9:01PM
it makeing me do backflips
Dec 30 2009 2:57PM
There isnt any... WURST GAME EVER!!! I even spelt worst wrong!!! thats how much I hate it!!!
Dec 20 2009 3:53PM
Why are you**s so stupid
Dec 20 2009 9:21AM
when you start turn around and go full speed at the warp pipe and turn around the second you hit it and you will go inside (you will die though)
Nov 21 2009 11:23PM
press space bar and mario will go backwards! XD
Nov 17 2009 11:59AM
hey guys if you tilt your bike a little to the front in the begining of the third level you do an awesome flip
Nov 15 2009 7:38PM
don't crash
Nov 15 2009 11:01AM
thw is suposed to be the
Nov 8 2009 6:56PM
oh ya and ride duh
Nov 3 2009 4:50PM
this isn't a cheat but it's a tip after thw second mario moto sign (first at the begining) stay focosed don't try any tricks just keep your bike level you can earn points at easier jumps.