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Jan 8 2012 12:16PM
nick rules
Oct 10 2009 11:07AM
i did that i went over 1000 mph
Oct 10 2009 11:06AM
it makes u go super fast
Oct 10 2009 11:06AM
stay strait and keep goin
Aug 31 2009 9:47PM
how do u get level 3 boost
Aug 22 2009 9:01PM
the cheat passes to make it easier to get stuff are these: first one: cheese second one: gerbil third one: elvis last one: haddock
Aug 22 2009 8:25PM
taco u stupid as hell
Aug 19 2009 9:40PM
slap your firneds mom with a fish and yell at your best friends sister (if no sister mother) BLAGERFLARGE! then you should have 723257979827598275029785279850797079 money for upgrades
Aug 19 2009 4:49PM
cheese gerbil elvis and haddock