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Apr 24 2012 10:28PM
when you are on the bowser boss keep throw fire balls at him he will go back and then punch and kick him as many times as you can and redude the cycle over and over until you beat him up
Nov 22 2011 10:04AM
Keep jumping with the ''a'' button and you will be able to smash your way through level five with the ''s'' button for special moves for the whole round.
Feb 19 2011 12:43AM
Xxjimmy95 you did not make the game SuN did so suck my ^$#%
Dec 3 2010 11:14AM
um if u u whant 2 tell us were r cheaters atleast do it under comments i know this isn`t a cheat but come on
Nov 13 2010 7:29PM
aye how do u make games on here
Nov 11 2010 5:44PM
heres a cheat BEAT THE GAME
Oct 13 2010 12:23AM
there is no cheats i made this game cheat proof!! so stop trying to cheat on the game i created.
Jan 13 2010 9:06PM
somehow a gitch happended and i was floating and it was just mario thrusting
Nov 16 2009 10:54PM
if you dumbas*es dont have REAL cheats dont put anything down retards P.S. when ur about to die just run to the ends of the levels and wait till the end to die
Oct 7 2009 5:01AM
dump thinger more bobers
Sep 21 2009 8:47PM
hi you stupid azz cheaters.
Aug 5 2009 10:20PM
When defeating Bowser, when Bowser stomps attack him in the air and get away from him and keep doing it. When he's pissed and he's breathing Fireballs all over the place then go to where he's standing and then punch him alot of times. Yep, do those tricks and he'll be dead.
Jul 1 2009 11:20PM
punch the enemies down the cliffs to kill em faster..
Jun 24 2009 12:16AM