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Mar 13 2013 6:36AM
using parachutes can help extend ur run increasing ur multiplier, my best time is 4 days
Aug 7 2011 1:28AM
thats easy i bout everything cause on m,y first try with modz i got everything add me if u want modz for this website and game on the xbxo360 or ps3
Jun 5 2010 5:05PM
its so eesy
May 9 2010 3:31PM
Jan 29 2010 11:48PM
try to buy every rocket upgrade and elastic and launcher lol it works
Dec 24 2009 12:36PM
buy every launcer and elastic upgrade & u can do it without e rockets
Nov 21 2009 11:27PM
thats how i beat mine
Nov 21 2009 11:27PM
just go straight and wen u have the jet where u go up for a boost use it only when u are close to finished in the air going straight