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Find and click the red button


By FreeSpark - Find and click the red button..

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Dec 25 2019 3:08 AM

at stage 8 go to the breakable wall and ram it

rocker guy

Oct 16 2019 5:51 PM

on level 8 klick on the box and hold the mouse b***in down 'till u get to the button then klickon the box


Oct 9 2019 10:03 AM

on the maze one click the square and drag to where the circle is then let go and click the button.


Apr 25 2019 7:10 PM

if u get stuck or lose,right click and click forward.if u lose this will let u skip the level.or if u are stuck it will do some of it for u.(this will help alot)


Apr 5 2019 4:59 PM

on lvl 8 the maze right click and put ur mous over the selections and find an open space closest 2 the button and then left click and click the button


Jun 15 2018 11:12 PM

tanks ty888


Jun 1 2018 5:11 PM



Jun 1 2018 5:11 PM



Apr 4 2018 12:04 PM

hey tv9888 i tried IT DIDNT WORK


Apr 4 2018 12:03 PM

hey t9888 i tried IT DIDNT WORK


Dec 31 2017 6:44 PM

Step by Step- if i missed anything or you dont understand hit the H in the top right corner of the game screen 1 open annother tab go to this site and find this game and go to comments 2. Stage 1just click the button 3 move the tv 4 put the flame to the back of the cannon 5 hit the guy that looks like the red button hit the red circle with the words on it. go to the top left corner and hit the picture of the marked out red circle 6 follow the black marks to the end X 7 go to the square. right click and go to the red circle and click. (just cut through all the lines) the wall will fall then just click the red button again 8 hit start. all programs button hit the red button 9 hit the red part on the guys sleeve BRONZE METAL- hit continue 10 just click the cup that the ball is sitting in 11 put the magazine (the black stick) into the g** (just slide it up some) hit the trigger 3 times. out pops the button 12 hit the rainy day. click the red part of the flower 13 Go to tools. get the tip of the paint that is spilling out of the paint can on the arrow. hit the red. the go to the circle and click it. 14 hit the green button hit the down button X2 the green again 15 hit the box w/ ? 16 at the bottom of the left page is the word buttons. click it. click place bid FAST the get the button out of the box :) my favorite stage 17 your mouse will be connected to a string. connect that string to the back of the other machine 18 click the wooden part of the match that is barley sticking out. slide it across the red part of the match box light the cig SILVER MEDAL- hit continue 19 put the aimer on the bullseye... duh prefore sergery 1 cut 2 needal 3 tweez 4 sew5 now hit the button (the thing you picked up) 20 on the left ear phone hit the qray rectangle hit the yellow part on the big red battery place it in gthe battery slot. the bottom of the music note is the button 21 hit the green thing at the bottom of the screen x2 22 put the mag. glass over the lady bug hit lets talk it out 23 put the dynomite on the safe. click the lighter open the lighter hit the circular part on the lighter hit the dynomite 24 hit the arrow x2 and then hit the button 25 hit the circles 25.5- ADD ME AS A FRIEND! PLEAASEEE :) 26 green red blue knife. GOLD MENDAL- You win