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May 14 2018 4:47PM
Press ALT+F4 and Mario will get a jetpack.
May 27 2012 10:39AM
moon jump 100000 play as bowser wario and peach follow
May 10 2012 12:41PM
I play minecraft my account is calling_the_cops i play project vanilla all day goto my realm by pressing T /goto calling the cops thanks
Apr 1 2012 9:01AM
Mar 26 2012 1:04PM
click side button on mouse and it will say play click it and u can skip levels
Dec 27 2011 4:13PM
when you r fighting bowser stay in the left corner when bowser is jumping
Sep 1 2011 9:45PM
teh six levil gets joo game over if joo di levil ninetene has unlimited lives (and i misspelled the words on purpose)
May 15 2011 3:20PM
Mine are ; 1 - At level 13, the tube who gets to the star, press the sown arrow really hard, youll get to the level 6, so you can take more pieces & lives. 2 - I dunno for you, but, somehow, when i get to the level 19, if i die, i dont loose my lives, except when i fall. 3- Search on Google ; Mario Star Catcher 2 hacked, you'll find a pre-hacked version, where you have like 9999999999 lives. Thats it, enjoy :3
Aug 10 2010 12:04PM
Meow :3 .
Aug 10 2010 12:03PM
When you go to , uh like level 13 - the tube that gets you to the star ;you press the down key really quickly 3 times , and then you get to level 6 - where theirs lives , and you also redo level 10. Your welcome :D .
Feb 20 2010 9:17PM
Feb 20 2010 9:15PM
rightclick then press forward
Jan 25 2010 2:16PM
gamemasta424 you are full of **** that no one does that so thank you very much mr.bull****
Dec 25 2009 11:46AM
on level 7, those green things where does monsters go out, when they go inside, go enter, you go back to level 6 BUT you have more lives. Go Try It.
Dec 21 2009 1:17PM
Nov 8 2009 7:39PM
sooooooooooooo everyone is mean cuase they wont tell me!
Nov 8 2009 1:25AM
Nov 3 2009 4:15PM
nvm i passed it now i need to beat 17
Nov 2 2009 5:34PM
HOW YOU GET PASS LVL 14???????????????????
Oct 7 2009 6:34AM
Jul 19 2009 6:40PM
i don't know any cheats but if u go 2 cheats.com u mifgt find somthing out
Jul 5 2009 7:42PM
LOL YEA gamemasta424 ur so cool xD thats so old
Jun 20 2009 5:04PM
gamemasta424 that iz the stupedest thing i have ever red in my whol life shut up! people that makes u go back to home screen god
May 7 2009 6:28PM
press alt+f4 to have the feather that makes you fly!
May 3 2009 11:50AM
on the 7th level if u go thro the tube thingzz u go bak 2 the 6th level and the 6th level has a xtra life so yeahh ppl
Mar 29 2009 10:16PM
on level 19 sometimes if you die a bunch of times your lives don't go down and you live forever!!! sometimes
Mar 29 2009 12:03AM
on lvl 10 when you see all of those blocks jump over one stair then go down on the block (or in) then you will be in the block. (to get out press space)
Mar 16 2009 7:48PM
on level 12, when you go thro the pipe press left on your mouse really quick
Feb 21 2009 7:35PM
rite click gogh too play and click it
Feb 5 2009 5:32PM
i am ben maza and love coby
Feb 5 2009 5:31PM
hello i am bob the third
Feb 5 2009 5:31PM
eat potato chips
Feb 5 2009 5:30PM
eat eggs
Feb 5 2009 5:30PM
jump with space bar and move with arrow keys
Jan 11 2009 6:05PM
instead of clickin tha button on tha mouse that u ussaly click click tha other then u r gonna see play right above loop then click play