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Aug 20 2013 2:06PM
if you want ultiment gold and the time limet is 1 sec pers play twice wen you lose you get 500,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 and youll win alot of stuf
Oct 25 2010 4:47PM
push the down button
Jul 13 2010 5:49AM
dont buy nothin for a long time
Feb 15 2010 10:11AM
me either
Aug 24 2009 11:55AM
it dose not work for me
Jul 23 2009 12:41PM
i got $2250505001when you lose right click and press play.
May 24 2009 1:38PM
wow thanks newbie3bie
Feb 28 2009 12:48PM
when your on a level right click and press play and keep doin that it will sometimes put diamonds on the level you win easily then!!!