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Sep 5 2012 4:10PM
i am so hyper hahahahahahha
Jul 15 2010 6:26PM
im so ****in hungry
Feb 15 2010 11:28PM
do a wheelie then pause it go to bed (or whatever) and when u wake up or get back etc. look how many seconds u have!!!! i did this and got 6,005,246 points final
Feb 6 2010 10:17PM
aka alt and f4 equal taking the screen down
Dec 31 2009 6:17PM
press alt and f4 and it will take u to the end of the track
Nov 3 2009 8:39PM
Jan 27 2009 1:09AM
do i wheelie like in the picture but not flying and then pause and then have launch or what ever go to the toilet and play it again and look how many seconds!!!!